Cutting through ad-tech’s acronym soup when you’re looking for a DMP

If new tech and acronyms are close, ad-tech and acronyms are thick as thieves. It seems every new wrinkle on the scene has to have its own three-letter moniker: DSP, SSP, RTB… WTF?

February 23rd, 2015|Tags: , |

Playful media and premium positioning will close the ad spend gap for mobile

The immutable rise of mobile content consumption has been the biggest media story of 2014, but advertising hasn't quite caught up. For mobile ad firm Widespace, closing that gap involves a lot more than just different sized banners.

November 10th, 2014|Tags: , |

Targeted, behavioural and enduring: Email marketing grows up

Alongside the printed page, email marketing has been refusing to die for the longest time. Doom-laden tales of Twitter, Facebook and The-Next-Big-Social-Thing killing off the internet's first marketing megastar have been circulating for years. And yet, just like pesky print, email is far from dead. With commercial email volumes growing on increased ROI, the long-predicted demise of email marketing looks further away than ever. Marketers are using data to make better decisions, developing sophisticated relationships with their customers and leaving email’s spotty, spammy adolescence behind.

September 29th, 2014|Tags: , , , |

Capturing TV money: How the sell-side can advance video on demand monetisation

Our love affair with video on demand has seen online video advertising grow by 45 percent in the last year. But is the sell-side fully capitalising on the VOD opportunity? Many publishers are still grappling with the fundamental challenges of how to generate greater supply of premium-quality content, how to make that content available, and how to monetise it in the most effective way.

Programmatic trading: the language of love for media buyers and sellers?

In the world of online video advertising, programmatic trading is a real catch. It’s one of the most hotly discussed means of media allocation and it’s driving real momentum. But attractive as it is, it’s inspiring mixed feelings across the media buying landscape. While automated buying is captivating the buy-side of the ecosystem, the sell-side is yet to be wooed.