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Reader revenues are an attractive alternative income for publishers facing up to the uncertainty of advertiser budgets and ad-blocking. Securing revenue from readers has become publishing’s latest holy grail, but the dominance of free information has made it difficult for publishers to charge for their content.

There are plenty of success stories, but the industry is most familiar with the paid-content exploits of multinationals and businesses based across the Atlantic. This report will take a look at the paid content successes of publishers from the UK to Continental Europe and Scandinavia.

The report examines the success factors in paid-content strategy, delivering in-depth analysis and insight drawn from interviews with senior executives at leading European publishers, including looks at:

  •        The key pillars of successful paid-content strategies
  •        The content formats and platforms that are delivering best
  •        The secrets to marketing paid content
  •        How to overcome organisational challenges

Our report, in partnership with Celera One, launched Thursday 26 January 2017.