At TheMediaBriefing, our mission statement is to aid companies in adapting to the new reality of digital publishing. While it’s all too easy to focus on the challenges and headwinds that many are facing it’s also important to recognise that there have been many successes in that endeavour already.

The British Media Awards are our way of celebrating those who are shaping the future of the publishing industry. Our aim is simple – to celebrate inspiring and creative ideas that are changing the way the media industry works. The past winners have been those special few who have made significant contributions to the success of their business, whether they’re a publisher, agency, platform or a combination of all three.

The winners from last year include individuals and teams from the Guardian, VICE, Immediate Media, Time Inc and many more, with individuals such as Tom Standage, Duncan Painter and Dame Majorie Scardino among them.



All the award winners – and the categories you can enter to rank among them – can be found here. The entries  were the strongest they’ve been in the awards’ history with an unprecedented variety of companies entering, from brand-new start-ups to some of the world’s biggest news brands. The only commonality among the entries was a laudable dedication to innovation in an industry that is subject to rapid unheaval.

The 2016 awards are the first time an award for Event Team Of The Year will be handed out to recognise the hard work that goes into creatng events. As events become ever more central to publishers’ revenues, we believe it’s only right to celebrate the team that does it best.

The British Media Awards 2016 will be brought to you from the London Hilton on Park Lane, a glittering environment suitable for the prestigious awards. For your chance to attend and take your place among the luminaries of the publishing world, you can enter here.

Good luck!