Native ads are “potentially the next saviour of internet businesses” according to Twitter UK MD Bruce Daisley.

Speaking at the Digital Media Strategies conference, he said:

“Native ads are respectful to the recipient and in the back of our minds we’ve always known it’s the secret to good advertising.”

Native advertising, defined as ads that look and feel like the content around it, is becoming increasingly popular but Daisley feels that “it’s just a new name for something that’s been around for a long time” in the realm of traditional publishing, for instance in fashion magazines.

He was keen to stress that the idea of the ‘stream’ is becoming much more important as more and more media is accessed via mobile devices. Twitter itself receives 80 percent of usage on mobile.

When native advertising is integrated into news streams, such as Twitter, it can allow advertisers to target consumers with tailored adverts at times of the day when those consumers will be most likely to be talking about it.

As a result, argues Daisely, the adverts “feel so much more intuitive…to the recipient [and] more respectful”.

Twitter is using its Amplify service to do just this, releasing content related ads into the stream during big events like the Brits and football transfer deadline day.

In the Twitter model advertisers pay depending on the level of engagement their native ads receive and do not pay anything if there is no interaction.