We know how difficult it can be sometimes for women to be visible in the media and technology industries. But there are also some brilliant women who are leading innovation in their organisations, and who are working on projects which are shaping the future of the industry.

Twitter is full of media movers and shakers, and it’s great to see so many thought leaders, outspoken critics and colourful personalities making ‘Top women’ lists all around the world today. But I have my own list of favourites; not necessarily the biggest names in the industry, but those who are an essential ‘follow’ if you’re also on Twitter. 

So in celebration of International Women’s Day, here are my favourite ‘Top 10’ women in the UK media industry.

10-ajones.pngAnna Jones

Anna is stepping down from her role as CEO of Hearst Magazines to co-found AllBright, a funding platform for female-led businesses. During her time at Hearst, she championed new distribution strategies for Cosmopolitan and Elle, as well as Hearst Live and #HearstEmpowers. She’s a strong advocate for women in business and leadership.

Follow her on Twitter @MrsAnnaKJones

10-amtomchak.pngAnne-Marie Tomchak

Anne-Marie Tomchak is Mashable’s new UK editor, and works to help the brand reach an ever-more vital and relevant audience. She’s got vast experience in developing new video formats from her time at the BBC, and is widely known as a talented and respected multi-media journalist.

Follow her on Twitter @AMTomchak

 10-dlaw.pngDenise Law

Denise is well-known for her work on evolving The Economist’s approach to social media. She leads a team who focus and adapt The Economist’s journalism across different platforms with a heavy data focus, alongside chat apps and other emerging platforms.

Follow her on Twitter @deniselaw_ 

10-dyoung.pngDiane Young

Diane is the co-founder of global marketing and media brand The Drum. She grasped early on that awards, partnerships and events were key to growing the business’ revenue, and regularly speaks about The Drum’s transformation to become the UK’s largest marketing website and taking the magazine to the international market.

Follow her on Twitter @SymmetriGal

10-hbrockwell.pngHolly Brockwell 

Holly is a fierce advocate of women in technology, fighting sexism and trolling on a daily basis on Twitter. She founded Gadgette in 2015 to offer female-authored, female-focussed articles about tech, gaming and geekery, with a side of inspiration.

Follow her on Twitter @holly

10-jmontgomery.pngJoanna Montgomery

Joanna is audience director at News UK, having previously been head of digital at the same company and director of digital content at Bauer. During her time as audience director The Sun’s digital resurgence has demonstrated that News UK and Joanna have a clear set of priorities and a roadmap for delivery.

Follow Joanna on Twitter @joannamont

10-jelvin.pngJo Elvin

Jo has been the editor of Glamour UK for nearly sixteen years, since its launch in 2001. She pioneered the renowned ‘handbag-sized’ format and has accumulated a mantlepiece full of awards over her time in media. She is also a fierce defender of the role of women’s magazines in the world.

Follow her on Twitter @jo_elvin 

10-rnicholson.pngRebecca Nicholson

Rebecca is editor-in-chief of Vice UK. Her role at the youth-focused media company bridges content and collaboration between the wide-ranging themed digital channels and the print magazines. 

Follow Rebecca on Twitter @beccanicholson

10-swood.pngSarah Wood

Sarah is the co-founder of Unruly, a viral video company bought by News UK in 2015 for a whopping £114m. Since then, she’s scooped a number of top awards for her work in media, including Businesswomen of the year and even an OBE in 2016. She’s a strong advocate of women in technology, with almost half of Unruly’s staff being female.

Follow her on Twitter @sarahfwood

10-twhite.pngTerri White

A well-known figure in the magazine space, Terri White took the helm of Empire Magazine in 2015 after a spell as editor in chief of Time Out magazine in New York. She’s an outspoken advocate of the value of print, and has done some groundbreaking work in opening the Empire print world up to a digital audience with experiential cinema, live events, podcasts and more.

Follow her on Twitter @Terri_White