If you work in the media industry then you’ll know how turbulent the past few years have been.

Everybody is gambling on the future of their distribution, and doubling down when there’s the suggesition they bet the wrong way. As a result of the growing acknowledgment that publishers are in the thrall of Facebook, there’s palpable resentment among some publishers that they have to rely on the social giant and panic when it looks like their reach is threatened.

Meanwhile, some publishers are successfully increasing their proportion of digital subscribers, but those results are treated as anomalous, and for most publishers pursuading people across the barrier is a challenge.

Meanwhile, formerly sure bets like video are suddenly looking a little less guaranteed. Storyful’s Rahul Chopra argues that video – a key priority for most digital publishers – is a ‘necessary evil’ for many newsrooms, who are prodded by the commercial and business arms of the business to match that advertiser demand:

“There’s a great deal of video content being produced that doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of the audience. Some of us remain confused as to ‘what is the right model for us today’? It’s created a situation where for many video is a necessary evil.”

And even the VC-backed digital upstarts, so often portrayed as the enemy of traditional publishers, aren’t having it all their own way. Jim Roberts, former chief content officer for Mashable, that the days of the digital boom are over, for the simple reason that the VC bubble is looking ready to pop:

“I think we will inevitably see a shakeout in the world of digital publishers. A great deal of investment has come into these companies and that’s beginning to slow. I don’t think the world will be as populated with as many pureplay digital publications.”

So amid all that instability, TMB has always strived to provide the clearest roadmap for publishers, so they can continue to fulfil the requirements of the fourth estate and hold the powerful to account. Now, we’re launching our State of the Media Industry 2017 report as an extension of that mandate. 

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