Interview Incisive Media Group Marketing Md Louise White On On Digital Subscriptions Events And Data

If you can’t market something properly, you won’t sell it. That’s true in any business, but for the media it’s a very particular challenge as marketing messages become crowded out by a deluge of rival media channels.

In business publishing, however, the message can be clearer: you have the information and access to the right people and companies that your audience needs. Getting a company to shout loud enough about that (and intelligently too) is something Louise White, group head of marketing at Incisive Media, does for a living. So I went along to see her and find out more – check out the video interview above.

One thing White is keen on – and it’s worth considering this amid inflated talk of the demise of paper-based publishing – is printed magazines. She intends to grow print subscriptions by 10 percent next year, for example. But more fundamentally, she considers the printed weekly mag the best marketing tool there is – what else is guaranteed to land on a chief executive’s desk 50 times a year? Given the encroaching email inbox tyranny from which we all suffer – there is in fact something quite disruptive about a non-digital magazine, and White makes that point well.

Also, when I ask about the importance of social media, she says the take-up has been slow both within Incisive and its customers. Investment bankers and lawyers, for example, are not known to be the most early technologically adopting of professions, so there’s a time-lag there in terms of behaviour. Social media is no doubt important, but for some audiences the always-on 21st century approach to publishing is still very alien indeed.

And lastly, it seems a really big trend in business publishing in 2011 will be the corporate sales market. Just as Rob Grimshaw of told me company-specific deals was a key part of that business’s plans, White has grown Incisive’s corporate sales by 75 percent in 2010 year-on-year and aims to increase the current case of corporate subs by 100 percent in 2011.

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