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“Alexa, tell me about the top voice-activated stories in the media world for this week’s Sunday Brunch.”


Google Tests Waters of Voice Ads on Speaker

Google’s smart home speakers on Thursday played an unprompted promotion for Beauty and the Beast. The promotion, which appeared to be Google’s first attempt to test advertising on Google Home, reflects a new balancing act between monetizing new search formats and users’ tolerance for more ads.

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After 150 years of the news wire, the Press Association looks to voice-activated news

Digital platforms bring new opportunities. The out-of-home advertising giant JC Decaux has partnered with PA to bring news content to its electronic platforms, notably during the Rio Olympics and European football championships.

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As Cord-Cutting Grows, How Will Voice Activation Technologies Affect The Future of TV Advertising?

The clear and present danger for advertisers is that these new leaders in creativity are making content that doesn’t require ads to finance it. But could the leap in voice activation technologies such as Amazon’s Alexa contribute to better TV advertising or will it be a potential obstacle?

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Amazon Syncs Alexa With Ecommerce App

Expanding Alexa’s footprint, Amazon is syncing the voice-controlled assistant with its flagship ecommerce app. Among countless other potential commands, app users can now ask Alexa to “search for paper towels,” “reorder batteries,” and “track my last order.”

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Google Home Shares Fake News as Facebook Adds a Fact-Checking Initiative

It might be a good idea to think twice before using Google Home as a source for all your political questions. The virtual-assistant device is the latest technology to regurgitate fake news from the Web and present it as facts.

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