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In this week’s Sunday Brunch, we take a look at how the complex relationship between politics and the media is evolving in 2017.


Politics is becoming pop culture news. So what does this mean for publishers?

In the last year, the global political climate has changed, impacting both news production and consumption. It has by no means been a “regular” year for politics – filled with unexpected election results, political scandal, terrorism and major ideological friction points around the world. This spike in interest has been good for publishers seeking to grow their audience or reach new readers.

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A look at the crowdsourced project set to scrutinise Facebook ads during the general election

A crowdsourced project aims to scrutinise the use of Facebook for targeting and advertising during the forthcoming UK general election.Targeting through Facebook has variously been claimed to have played a key role in the outcome of the EU referendum and the US presidential election.

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In French Elections, Alt-Right Messages Don’t Translate

The far right in the US and elsewhere has so far failed to reach much of the French electorate ahead of the country’s vote. American-style fake news and other digital misinformation have also failed to gain traction in France, where its own domestic issues and ways of campaigning still dominate.

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Tories criticised for election day newspaper adverts

The four-page wraparound advert, which would have cost several thousand pounds in each publication, appeared like a normal newspaper front page with the headline “Theresa May for Britain” above a large picture of the prime minister.

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Congratulations to all the winners at the BMAs!

The 2017 British Media Awards took place on Wednesday 3rd May – congratulations to all the winner. Special thanks to our fabulous host Fiona Bruce, all the attendees & of course our 2017 sponsors.

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