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In this week’s Sunday Brunch, we look at media membership schemes and the lessons organisations are learning from building their own communities


Jay Rosen: This is what a news organization built on reader trust looks like

De Correspondent is funded solely by its members: 56,000 of them, who pay about $63 a year because they believe in the kind of journalism that is done by its 21 full-time correspondents and 75 freelancers. Jay Rosen explains why he’s working with De Correspondent on its U.S. launch — and why figuring out a trusted membership model is key to journalism’s future.

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Medium launches memberships for $5 per month

At the moment, the service isn’t offering subscribers much beyond the knowledge that their money is going directly to writers. Eventually, Medium does plan to start offering new features to subscribers: exclusive stories and early access to a new Medium interface.

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Membership Models Drive Subscription Innovation

For two decades digital publishers have been asking “what content will people pay for?” From the looks of more recent packages of premium membership models, they may have been asking the wrong question.

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Events and experiences are key to connecting younger audiences to local news

“We’re not looking to put paywalls up, but are there things we can offer that audience that really has an affinity for us? Is it access to places, access to events — things that they wouldn’t normally necessarily get access to in their daily life? “

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