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Cheddar CEO Jon Steinberg Makes Platforms Pay For Content

On the business side, Cheddar doesn’t see advertising as a main revenue driver. Instead, it’s struck deals with OTT partners and platforms, often with subscription fee and advertising revenue shares. If Cheddar succeeds, it will usher in a new era in digital media monetization. 

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Publishers made only 14 percent of revenue from distributed content

If publishers were betting on third-party apps, like Facebook and Snapchat, to revitalize their businesses, they may be disappointed. Early signs show that the giants of online social networking and messaging aren’t huge sources of revenue for publishers.

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Apple ‘dips toe’ in original TV content

Tim Cook has laid down the foundations of his plans to expand into original TV content, promising there are “more things planned” for Apple TV in 2017 that could see the media company compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon and perhaps even Facebook.

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The Biggest Threat To Content Marketing Isn’t Fake News

People now see content right in their news feeds because it was published there — not because it was created to engage them specifically or because it was distributed to them in the right way.

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4 ways content as you know it could change in 2017

Publishers are striving to create relevant content that connects with audiences. Expect to see more of this type of storytelling as favorite content creators grow even bolder in 2017, taking content to new, exciting and immersive heights.

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