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The dust is settling on another British Media Awards ceremony, where again the brightest and best of the country’s consumer and B2B media companies, teams and individuals were given some handsome trophies (see the full list of winners here).

We caught up with some of the winners after their triumph and caught the action on camera too — here are all the pictures, tweets, videos and interviews from the night itself


It was a great night for specialist consumer publisher Future  who went home with three prizes including Media Company of the Year.


Future’s chief information officer Stuart Anderton told us: “We do a lot of work making sure the digital products we create are exactly what people want, and to some extent with our websites what Google wants to see as well. 

“So we do an awful lot of making sure what we publish is led by the data we have about what people want to read.

“We have a very aggressive launch testing programme where we put out literally hundreds of potential magazines every year and see whether they stick. So in the women’s craft area we’ve put out maybe 15 titles which look to the outside world like launches they’re not, which give us data on which titles we want to do properly on a monthly basis.”


Dennis Publishing were awarded the coveted Sales Team of the Year award, stealing the prize from last year’s winner InSkin Media.


Jonathan Kitchen, head of commercial partnerships at Dennis, told us: “We are a very dynamic company, we have lots of brands that are very flexible and are willing to take a gamble on publishing on new platforms.

“The secret (to growing online ad rates) is having a central team working across all our brands. We are very lucky at Dennis – we have had lots of innovation across all our brands; we’ve created new formats and new ways of working. So we build the advertising solutions for clients we educate about platforms we workshop about how it should all work as well as the actual brands we sell into. 

“To do these new platforms, the way we see it now is screen sizes. Publishing in the future that is happening now, it’s not about Apple or Android, it’s about all the different screen sizes you need to get your content on to.

“And to be able to provide advertising solutions and to provide a consistent resource to sell into those brands is absolutely key, but publishers tend to think in terms of brands or magazines, and what you have to do is think about it centrally and think about the best solution for clients across the board and that’s what we’ve been set up to do.”


Nadine Woogara online editor of EMAP’s Nursing Times was the proud winner of the Rising Star award:


She told us: “I try to make the whole team work with me. I’m always looking at the latest thing, and what other people are doing, not copy them but doing it in our way for our readers.

“I’m always looking at readers’ comments, Facebook and tweets so responding to what they want not just saying we are the experts have this. I think our readers are really passionate and engaged, they are always saying what they want. You get to know what they want quite quickly.”


Racing Post picked up not one but TWO awards for their iPad and iPhone apps: 

Jon Winter, creative director, told us: “We started small a long time ago. We made a product we would want to use, so we’re all into horse racing, and gambling, that’s our passion, and it ended up being a great product everyone wanted to use. We have a very passionate team at racing post working in a niche, everyone gets behind the product whether it’s editorial, marketing, product development, IT –  the whole shebang.”


Future’s Digital Camera magazine was named Print Product of the Year


Editor Geoff Harris said: “I’m really surprised to have won this award against such great competition, I guess it’s because we achieved dominance in such an incredibly competitive market, I think there’s something like 15 to 20 other photography magazines. It’s a very crowded sector. 

“I come from a bit of a marketing background, so it’s been about understanding the readers, understanding what they want from a photography mag, and about capitalising on what we see as the weaknesses of our competitors. I think it’s a combination of good editorial with some smart strategic thinking.”

See the rest of the winners’ videos at

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British Media Awards 2013 in tweets and photos

The British Media Awards 2013 took place last night in London, celebrating innovative and successful UK media companies. Here’s a selection of tweets, pictures and one (very shaky) Vine video from the night.

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Arriving at #bma13 venue for set up. A glorious day and a wonderful night ahead. Mork-Eidem
Looking forward to the @BMAwards tonight! Sequins at the ready! Are you all set? @GeorgieRipley @annabellyx #BMA13Fran Cowan
Dapper @InSkinMedia team arriving @BMAwards @parbirdiebogey @EmmaJewitt @jessicapitkin @domtillson @Minifran #BMA13 Media
At the venue for British Media awards – entrance is in Duke St – looks fab #bma13Rory Brown
@andyoakes @timheadley and @psmith have gone off to get ready for #BMA13 leaving the girls to sort everything out. Thanks boys.Louise White
Metro crew off to #BMA13. Ready for a big nt! Up for 5awards-fingers crossed. Will be needing bacon butties tomorrow
Suited and booted, several hundred of the UK’s top people in media, plus a few stowaways, packed out the Grovsner Hotel. 
Briefing Media co founder Rory Brown opens this years BMAs #BMA13
wish us luck at #bma13 – 5 nominations at the British Media Awards tonight – let’s bring home the silverwareBryan Scott
Am at #bma13 with @mkbear representing @insidethegames – so far so good. Awards start at 10pm, some tables might not last that long!!Louisa Gummer
Feeling confident #bma13 Dennis Cars team win or lose we’ll be drinking @DennisAdSales @DPLUK thanks to @saymediaGary Rayneau
Just seen a bottle of tequila (?) make its way to a table at #bma13. Good times.Patrick Smith
Warming up for the awards section of the British Media Awards… Loving the SAY sunglasses! @BMAwards #BMA13 McCarthy
Mine, all mine #BMA13 White
The best dessert I’ve ever had! #BMA13 Paracha
Our girls @BMAwards! #bma13 Monitor
Columnist and broadcaster Mariella Frostrup kicked of the actual award presentations, with the help of a strangely familiar voice….
Omg actual Siri is compering the awards!! #BMA13Samantha Book
Mariella at the #BMA13 bash! Smith
Nicely to @futureplc and Digital Camera for print product of the year at the #BMA13 – table 19 cheering big!Mike Goldsmith
Me presenting an award with Mariella Frostup (only Mariella in shot). coles
#winners #BMA13 Book
Frostrup has told us all to be quiet and have some respect. Proper strict #bma13Fiona Lyne
Robbed ǽƒ_ª_@ltabs: Having a good night at the #bma13. Shortlisted for media marketing team of the year…didn’t win.ǽƒ_ª¶Paul Dominguez
Totes hacked into our iPad #bma13 Walker
Individual award for rising media star is awarded to Nadine Woogara from the Nursing Times #bma13Convertr
ǽƒ_ª_@BMAwards: Congratulations to Digital Camera winner of Print Product of the year @DCamMag #BMA13ǽƒ_ª¶Another @futureplc winner! Congrats team.Jane Toft
With @PWCUK Drinking bubbles with the winning team of Cross Media Product of the Year 2013. Glug hic #BMA13Paul Dominguez
Jason lydiate @SAYMediaUK presenting editorial award at BMA’s #bma13
Kitch and Besty, deserving their award. It’s a "dangerous" statue apparently (!!) #BMA13 Watson
@psmith with mariella. Bet all those long hours are worth it now pat. #BMA13Louise White
#hooray #bma13 winnerish winnerish chickendinnerish @BMAwards Hartog
@thepugpig Highly fucking commended #BMA13 Shame…Jonny Kaldor
And my boss got to kiss @mariellaF1 🙂 @BMAwards: @futureplc winner of Media Company of the Year. Video: #BMA13Jane Toft
ǽƒ_ª_@BMAwards: Media Marketing Team of the year goes to Mollie Makes. Congratulations @MollieMakes #BMA13ǽƒ_ª¶YAY! Well done team :))Jane Toft
The final presentation of the evening was the Lifetime Achievement award for Felix Dennis – the buccaneering hippy capitalist who founded and owns Dennis Publishing. 
Could hear a pin drop during Felix Dennis’s acceptance speech for his lifetime achievement award. A real inspiration for us #BMA13Patrick Smith
Felix Dennis, by most accounts an extremely rare (in magazine publishing) non-sociopath, just won the Lifetime Achievement Award at #BMA13James Kelleher
And then it was down to the partying. We hope everyone had a great time, and those sore heads don’t last too long…..
How is everyone this morning post #BMA13 on a scale from "not bad" to "kill me now" ?
Well done to #BMA13 team, good buzz at the awards tonight.Alex Martinez
We’ve just won ‘Event of the Year’ at the British Media Awards. Congratulations to all the team, we’re absolutely delighted. #BMA13The Cake & Bake Show
A few sore heads this morning after a great night @BMAwards Congrats to @mediabrief on a slick event #BMA13InSkin Media
Required cure for post #BMA13 hangover… Great night. Myles