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When I think about the point of TheMediaBriefing and the kinds of things we write about, link to and present at our events it can be broadly summed up as: helping media businesses understand a fast-changing landscape and how they can make money from it.

One thing we’ve covered in some depth on TheMediaBriefing in the last 12 months with that aim in mind is the evolution of online display advertising technology, including the growth of real-time bidding and ad exchanges.

And in response to genuine interest from readers to understand and learn more about how this shift in ad technology affects them, we’re getting together four leading speakers on the subject – from an advertiser, agency and publisher perspective -and holding an intensive session on the new breed of display advertising techniques on Feb 3.

Find out much more about it, including booking details at marketbriefings.themediabriefing.comRegister before Friday 20th and save £35.

So why should you come?

Online display advertising is well on its way to becoming a $40 billion industry in the next five years (according to ZenithOptimedia) and as much as $200 billion in 5-10 years according to Eric Schmidt. That’s helped in large part by the proliferation of video ads but in tandem with that, the growth will be driven by:

• The efficiency of serving ads to the right user at the right time

• Using data to make better decisions and

• Generating a better audience reaction through improved targeting

As we look to generate enough new digital revenue to sustain and grow online media as we still adjust to a world of shrunken profits from physical goods, tools that help advertisers reach specific audiences drawn to pictures, text and video that is worth consuming, are going to be a major part of the solution.

I often hear it said that joining an ad exchange would eat into direct sales revenue – but it doesn’t need to be a zero-sum game. Good media businesses need good sales people and good technology and that’s one of the themes we’ll be tackling on the day.

So if you’d like to hear more and have your questions answered, please do join us on the day.


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(You can also follow everything to do with real-time bidding as it happens with our indexed news page)

And for those still a little confused, here’s a glossary, via Google’s white paper on the subject:

 Real-time buying: Acquiring inventory on demand.

Audience buying: Acquiring inventory based on audience data.

Auction-based buying: Acquiring inventory by placing winning bids in an auction.

Data-driven display: Acquiring inventory based on data.

Impression-by-impression buying: Acquiring inventory by evaluating each impression as it becomes available.

Bid optimization: Employing techniques to ensure that bids to acquire inventory are placed in such a manner that goals can be reached optimally.


And to put some of this in context, here’s Google’s VP for display ad products Neal Mohan speaking at paidContent’s paidContent’s Advertising conference last year, on the growth and potential of the display sector (full conference details).



This Market Briefing event is sponsored by Jemm Media, SpotXchange, Weborama and SWAT.