Welcome to Dan Calladine’s monthly look at key numbers in media & technology from the last month. This time he takes a look at drones, Netflix, WeChat and more…

3m – The number of active advertisers Facebook has, up 500,000 since October 2015. Facebook has successfully grown its advertising business to rival Google’s in many respects, and not surprisingly is now targeting small businesses with local targeting options

8bn – Facebook isn’t the only one growing fast.  Snapchat’s video views keep going up, quadrupling since May 2015, and also a sign of how common videos have become on the app, posted by both users, advertisers and brand partners.  We need to point out though that even half a second of video counts as a view on Snapchat; Facebook and Twitter have more rigorous counting standards.

54 percent – The number of British ad blocker users who say that they would turn off the tech if they had to in order to access content, according to new data from the IAB.  While ad blocker usage is shown to be growing in the same research, this is an encouraging sign, and many newspapers like CityAM are now refusing to let people who use ad blockers freely access their sites.

420m – Chinese New Year happened in February and this year over 400m WeChat users sent virtual ‘Red Envelopes’ of money to each other on the platform.  Over 8bn ‘envelopes’ were sent, and to put this into context that’s more than Paypal’s mobile transactions for the whole of 2015.

38m – The number of credit cards on that were registered to ApplePay in China in on its first day. As we’ve seen in the 420m figure above, the Chinese are no strangers to mobile payments and transfers, but this number shows how popular Apple is, and how much they love their iPhones

82 percent – This year’s Super Bowl threw up some interesting numbers – for the first time ever the number of Tweets and Facebook interactions went down (dull game?) – but maybe the most revealing figure was this number, the percent of related searches that took place on mobile.  Given that many were at home watching, it shows how mobile-first the US has become

1 in 7Netflix has been a huge hit in Australia – many used British Netflix via IP proxies before it launched there –it’s one of the reasons why 14 percent of Australians now watch no commercial TV on a typical day

325,000 – The number of drones now registered in the US. Bizarrely this is actually now higher than the number of aeroplanes that are registered.  OK, so drones are much cheaper than aeroplane, but they’re also much, much newer.