550m – The number of broadband homes that Netflix could potentially reach after its expansion to 130 extra markets in January 2016 – virtually everywhere in the world apart from China.  Netflix growth has slowed slightly in the US, but its new markets should have lots of potential for growth.

$18.4 billion – Apple’s profit for the 3 months ending January 2016, the largest profit for any company in history.  However its shares fell, as it revealed a flattening off of its growth, with iPhones sales not really increasing year on year, and iPad sales actually falling.  Sadly no specific figures for the Apple Watch were revealed, but its thought that Apple has half the market. 

10m – After just 6 months Apple Music has over 10m subscribers (according to the FT), placing it at just under half Spotify’s tally, collected over nearly ten years.  Apple has the advantage of an existing relationship with music fans (& their billing information) – but also shows the rising trend of streaming

1.6 billion – Facebook’s ever growing user numbers reached nearly 1.6bn monthly active users for the final quarter of 2015, with nearly 950m daily active users on mobile alone. 80 percent of its ad revenue now comes from mobile. 

91%Instant messaging is regularly used by more Chinese internet users than search, showing the power of its home-grown services like WeChat.  Search comes in second with 82 percent, followed by News also at 82 percent, and both music and video at 80 percent.  Maybe surprisingly, email is only regularly used by 38 percent.

1.4 billion – All numbers in China seem high, but this one is extraordinary.  It’s the number of rides booked in just one year on the taxi and transportation app Did Kuaidi, from its user base of over 250m.  Uber on the other hand, has just completed 1bn rides, since 2012

5m – Google Cardboard, the cheap, flatpack ‘Oculus Thrift’ virtual reality viewer that works by being a holder for your phone, has now shipped more than 5 million units, possibly including the 1m given away by the New York Times to its readers.  In the month that Facebook revealed the cost of its Oculus Rift (about $600) Google has shown that it’s made good headway at much lower cost. 

548,000 – The number of people who watched #DrummondPuddleWatch live on Periscope.  The stream, set up by a British marketing agency and showing a large puddle people’s attempts to cross it, fascinated people for an afternoon, but has now been largely forgotten

… and one more for luck:

1 billion – WhatsApp has become the only mobile-only service to reach 1 billion active users. It’s Facebook’s second service to hit the magic billion (after Facebook itself), and we’d expect Facebook Messenger to also reach this number in 2016.