About Us

TheMediaBriefing.com was the intelligence platform for the global media industry. The site mixed original analysis, insight and reporting on industry trends, challenges and opportunities with selective curation of the best articles on the media landscape from around the media world.

On September 28th 2010 at around 3am we turned The Media Briefing live for the first time.  That moment was the beginning of the creation of Briefing Media, a business which today thrives and grows.

As ever in media, our story unfolded rather differently than we imagined!  Today we are primarily a business focussed on the world of Agribusiness.  We love the media industry and are so grateful to all our friends in the industry who have contributed, attended, read or just been there as the business has grown.

However, we have come to the conclusion that we have to focus on one strategy; to be clear about what Briefing Media is about and where we are going. So we have decided, following a discussion with Haymarket, to pass on the baton of our media industry events.

We have announced Friday that Haymarket will host and own both the British Media Awards and Digital Media Strategies.  Their strength and depth in coverage of the media sector will ensure that theses events get the focus and attention they deserve in the years to come.

However this plan also means that The Media Briefing will cease as an active site,  however we have left the site running as we believe that the content will still have relevance and be a useful resource for some years to come.