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Three approaches to online video from News UK, Meredith, and Don't Panic

Three approaches to online video from News UK, Meredith, and Don't Panic

27th June 2014

Online video has arrived and is very much here to stay, but publishers are still trying to work out the best way of capturing audience's attention using the medium. With that in mind, the three approaches to online video from News UK, Meredith, and Don't Panic from day one of the FIPP Innovation conference may prove handy if you're still trying to work out how best to invest.

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8 charts showing how the UK consumes news

8 charts showing how the UK consumes news

26th June 2014

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom does some of the most detailed research into the content consumption habits are changing, and they've just released a new report detailing the ways media is accessed and consumed in 2014. The report throws up many of the expected signs of the shift to web-based media, but also contains detail on the number of news sources people rely on and the continued strength of TV – in particular the BBC.

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What "media multitaskers" look like and why you should care

25th June 2014

In the golden days of yore, there was only one device that audiences read newspapers on, and that was, er, paper. Now, there are mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, and even wearables to contend with, and an enormous array of different approaches to each category. Audiences aren’t on single devices any more, and they’re often using several at once. The IAB conducted research into the behaviours of “media multitaskers” – those who regularly go online while watching TV as compared to the general adult 18+ population in the US. Here are five charts that explain what media multitaskers look like.

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The 3 Reasons Netflix Decided On Its Straight-To-Series Viewing Model

Aly WeismanBusiness Insider28th June 2014

Cindy Holland, Netflix's head of original content, recently revealed why the on-demand Internet streaming service responsible for hits like "House of Cards" and "Orange Is The New Black" decided to produce shows with a straight-to-series model, forgoing networks' traditional pilot seasons.


Stung by Supreme Court, Aereo Suspends Service

By EMILY STEELNew York Times28th June 2014

The start-up, which provides streaming over-the-air television, said it was not shutting down, only pausing to map out its next moves.


Sky television prices to rise in September

Telegraph.co.uk - Media24th June 2014

The television giant will increase prices for some customers by 'up to 10pc' in September

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Post Spinoff, Time Inc.’s Fate May Boil Down To Video Ads

Zachary EhrenAdexchanger.com10th June 2014

Time Inc. is in a tough spot after its spinoff from Time Warner Inc. It begins its run as an independent public company saddled with $1.3 billion in debt and revenue that has steadily declined with only two quarters of sequential growth in the past six years. In related (and unfortunately timed) news, the publisher's […]

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BBC journalists to ballot for strike action

Mark SweneyMediaGuardian10th June 2014

Union members call for overhaul of pay gap with managers, rejecting derisory offer of 1% pay rise


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