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Extremes of the ad spectrum: Stealth vs high-impact

Extremes of the ad spectrum: Stealth vs high-impact

21st July 2014

In certain areas of the online ad industry a bifurcation of approaches can be witnessed – two different techniques at opposite ends of the viewability spectrum. One involves blurring the lines between what original and paid-for content looks like, while the other makes it extremely obvious that what you’re looking at is an ad, so much so that you sometimes can’t escape it.

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IPA Bellwether report: Marketing spend is up, but it won't be the saviour for many publishers

IPA Bellwether report: Marketing spend is up, but it won't be the saviour for many publishers

19th July 2014

We get a lot of advertising reports falling into our laps and recently plenty of them have been reporting the consecutive quarterly success of ad and marketing budgets. The latest IPA Bellewether Report, which looks at marketing budgets in Q2 2014, is no different, and reports those marketing budgets are up for the seventh consecutive quarter and represent the second sharpest upward revision in the survey’s 14-year history.

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This is your competition: 5 digital video pureplayers forging the way

This is your competition: 5 digital video pureplayers forging the way

17th July 2014

Just as mobile was something the publishing industry once talked about before realising it had already happened, video is quickly turning out to be the same. The online video ad model may not be fully formed yet, and the majority of ad revenues may lie elsewhere, but it's a rapidly evolving field that already has companies taking full advantage of its potential. For legacy publishers wondering if they should expand into the online video space – this is your competition.

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Where Facebook's Money Comes From

Alyson ShontellBusiness Insider23rd July 2014

Facebook just reported its second quarter earnings with revenue of $2.91 billion — the strongest quarter yet.

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AOL UK goes fully programmatic

Brand Republic23rd July 2014

AOL UK is claiming an industry "milestone" after making all of its online advertising available to be traded programmatically this week.

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The Rise Of The Programmatic Media Specialist

AdExchangerAdexchanger.com23rd July 2014

“Data-Driven Thinking" is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on the digital revolution in media. Today’s column is written by Paul Longo, managing director at Accordant Media. A media agency’s core DNA has traditionally fed a model built around the media planner. In recent years, agencies have received much criticism for […]


Flurry: What It is, Where It Stands And Why Yahoo Wants It

Allison SchiffAdexchanger.com22nd July 2014

What does Yahoo’s deal to buy Flurry have to do with Twitter’s purchase of mobile exchange MoPub last year? Nothing and everything. But first, let’s define our terms. What is Flurry, exactly? Flurry has a grab bag of solutions under its umbrella: analytics, ad network capabilities and ad exchange functions. But at its core, Flurry […]

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LinkedIn To Acquire Bizo, B2B Display Ad Platform, For $175M

Kelly LiyakasaAdexchanger.com22nd July 2014

LinkedIn will buy Bizo, a B2B display ad platform, for $175 million in cash and stock, the companies said Tuesday. "It's exciting for us to bring Bizo's expertise and technology into our ecosystem," said Deep Nishar, LinkedIn's SVP of product and user experience, in a statement. "Our ability to integrate their B2B solutions with our content marketing […]

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