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Guardian executive digital editor: 'The decline of print is an absolute given.'

Jasper Jackson29th October 2014

Despite all the signs to the contrary, many in the newspaper business still hold on to the idea that print will have a big role to play in the long-term future of news organisations. But for the man brought in to revamp the Guardian's digital editorial operation as its new executive editor for digital - former NYT associate managing editor for digital strategy Aron Pilhofer - there's little doubt about print's looming irrelevance.

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Why the new UK newspaper ad spend forecasts are a lot more depressing than they look

Jasper Jackson28th October 2014

The latest forecasts for UK ad spend from WARC seem to offer a chink of light for publishers, but you look back at previous forecasts, the picture looks a little less rosy.

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Broadsheet to inbox: How FirstFT tries to take the best of old and new media

Chris Sutcliffe28th October 2014

One of the standout features of the recent resurgence of email newsletters among media organisations has been a focus on providing an aggregated experience that encompasses what other publications produce. The Financial Times has long offered a selection of opt-in emails, but it's latest offering more explicitly taps into this trend - not least as it's overseen by head of aggregation Andrew Jack.

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What would a BBC video-sharing deal with publishers look like?

Chris Sutcliffe27th October 2014

Opening its video archive would allow the BBC to monetise content for which it neither has plans - or resources - to use, and provides those other publishers with access to a breadth of content to which they simply wouldn't have otherwise. But are there any case studies that can support the scheme?

Broadcast, Digital Media, Newspapers

Five elephants: What newspapers are still getting wrong about serving their audience

Neil Thackray27th October 2014

It is just possible that the problem with newspapers isn't only in coming to terms with digital, but rather in coming to terms with how newspapers relate to their audiences. There are five elephants crowded into the future-of-newspapers room that many in the industry seem keen to avoid examining.

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TV-Twitter integration: you'll never watch alone

Chris Sutcliffe24th October 2014

Is the addition of a Twitter tab alongside the video content on the Xbox One revolutionary, or does it signal a change in how indivisible we consider social media and mobile?

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Guardian CEO on openness, platform responsibilities and why the BBC should share its video

Jasper Jackson23rd October 2014

The Guardian's ownership structure and may put it in an unusual position as a media company, but it's allowing the newspaper to build a an editorial and commercial model around principles better suited to the web than most of its competitors. At the LSE's Polis public lecture on the future of global news this evening, Guardian Media Group CEO Andrew Miller expanded on two of the key themes that characterise the newspaper's approach - a commitment to openness and an acknowledgement of the power and responsibilities of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook - while also floating a pragmatic suggestion for the BBC to wholesale its news and archive video to commercial publishers.

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Global game: The internationalisation of UK newspaper audiences

Chris Sutcliffe23rd October 2014

The odds of creating a profitable digital newspaper operation in the UK look long for pretty much every national title. Our population simply isn't that big, and unless you can sell a lot of pricey digital subscriptions, the advertising economics simply don't add up. So for many publishers, finding ways to expand into new territories isn't just a huge opportunity, it's absolutely necessary.

Digital Media, Newspapers

Put a puppy on it: Tips for converting audiences into subscribers

Chris Sutcliffe22nd October 2014

The subscriber economy is not a new idea, but as more and more publishers are converting to it are there ways and means to ensure your current consumers convert?

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Standards vs speed: Can the UK wait until 2016 for a new audience measurement system?

Jasper Jackson21st October 2014

The inadequacy of systems for measuring online audiences is a recurring theme on TheMediaBriefing, simply because it is so central to how publishers approach both what they produce and how they make money from it. But can an industry body Newsworks find a standard everyone agrees with quickly enough to keep up with changing habits?

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