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Regional publishers making progress back to profit - but not out of the woods yet

Neil Thackray16th April 2015

The regional media groups are making good progress both in growing their digital audience and their digital revenue, despite the fact the total revenues are still falling as print continues its decline. However there is still much to do before or if revenue can return to its historic levels.

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Appointment digital: How The Pool fits into its audience's hectic schedules

Chris Sutcliffe15th April 2015

The philosophy that 'content is king, but context is god' is something many publishers are straining to deliver on, but one The Pool has at its core.

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City A.M.'s Martin Ashplant: The inherent value of a habitual reader

Chris Sutcliffe9th April 2015

City A.M.'s growth figures are impressive on their own, but more importantly they're validation of City A.M.'s strategy of becoming a regular destination for an audience of which it has a deep understanding.

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Vibrant Media's Craig Gooding: InText native and a 'flight to quality'

Chris Sutcliffe7th April 2015

"For us, it was like 'hallelujah', people are beginning to notice these banner blindness studies done back at AOL in 1998, this is an opportunity for the entire industry to say 'well we can tell whether things are being seen'."

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Haymarket's 2014 pre-tax profits show a company getting to grips with its debt

Chris Sutcliffe1st April 2015

Haymarket's 2014 results show the company is turning a pre-tax profit. But the results also tell of a more important story for Haymarket - that of a company continuing to reduce its bank debt and focusing on restructuring.

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Johnston Press' the hub: B2B services as successor to the classifieds section

Chris Sutcliffe26th March 2015

While the hub is intended to offer value to its businesses, its nature as a logged-in economy means that Johnston benefits in ways beyond that of forging relationships.

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News UK's 'vindication': Has its growing subscriber base changed its publishing strategy?

Chris Sutcliffe25th March 2015

It seems unlikely that an organisation that exists behind a paywall would do anything to jeopardise a growing audience. And with all the data around its audience's consumption habits to which News UK has access, it must be aware of both when and what its audience are choosing to consume behind the paywall.

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Verdens Gang: Tech-driven original content will always trump aggregation

Chris Sutcliffe24th March 2015

VG's Espen Sundve believes that digital success is down to one thing: The successful integration of technology and content creation.

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Guardian's Tim Gentry: Pangaea isn't taking on Google, it's launching an entirely new ad space

Chris Sutcliffe23rd March 2015

The value of Pangaea is less about cornering the lion's share of a protected market and more with offering ad partners the ability to buy programmatically across the trusted brands' audience of 110 million worldwide.

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DeAgostini on why superstar consumers might be the saviour of consumer magazines

Chris Sutcliffe20th March 2015

Identifying the members of its audiences who have influence over others and directly embedding them in the editorial process is a novel idea for consumer magazines - but one that has yet to prove successful for De Agostini.

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1 to 10 of 1533 results

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