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As TV viewing numbers fall, why does ad spend keep increasing?

Chris Sutcliffe27th February 2015

Falling audience numbers combined with the difficulty of quantifying the effectiveness of ads are also the issues facing print, which is the only medium with a forecasted decreased ad spend in 2015. So why is television ad spending actually increasing?

Advertising, Broadcast, Devices, Finance and Deals

Reed Elsevier results show B2B success depends on diversification

Chris Sutcliffe26th February 2015

Reed Elsevier - soon to be combined from its two parent companies into the sole RELX Group - has announced its full-year 2014 results. They show a company whose underlying revenue is growing as a result of diversification.

B2B Media, Digital Media, Finance and Deals

Multi-platform world: NRS figures show importance of context in news consumption

Chris Sutcliffe25th February 2015

The quarterly NRS PADD figures demonstrate that catering to the British public's platform infidelity could be paramount for publishers.

Devices, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

Why viewability and ad blocking are a joint threat to publishers

Dan Williamson25th February 2015

Viewability is a threat. Ad blocking is a threat. How you address one has big long-term implications for the other.

Advertising, Digital Media, Mobile

'News amnesia': Circa's CEO Matt Galligan on retaining a digital audience

Chris Sutcliffe24th February 2015

Circa's CEO Matt Galligan on "the single biggest problem facing the news world in the coming three to five years" - and how retaining a digital audience is the key to solving it.

Digital Media Strategies 2015, Devices, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

Lift off: How Electronic Sound is going from single print issue to monthly digital magazine

Chris Sutcliffe23rd February 2015

In the first of a series of case studies into how a number of digital magazines are navigating those challenges, we speak to Electronic Sound magazine's co-founder Christopher 'Push' Dawes, about the challenges facing a new digital music magazine.

Consumer Media, Devices, Digital Media, Mobile

What the connected future means for publishers

Mark Challinor20th February 2015

Like it or not, we are starting to see a whole range of objects become connected by sending signals and messages to each other, alerting our mobile devices, and creating databanks on everyone. That's great news for data-hungry publishers looking to become indispensible to their audience through more targeted content - and could be good for consumers as well.

Digital Media Strategies 2015, Advertising, B2B Media, Broadcast, Consumer Media, Devices, Digital Media, Mobile

British Media Awards 2015 shortlists: Your reactions

Chris Sutcliffe19th February 2015

The shortlists for the British Media Awards 2015 were announced this week. The shortlists can be found here, but we thought we'd share some of the enthusiastic responses from the individuals and organisations whose hard work and innovation in the media industry has got them on to the list.

British Media Awards 2015

Why the UK is transitioning to digital ads faster than Europe

Chris Sutcliffe18th February 2015

New ad-spending research shows that UK publishers are growing their digital ad-spend at a higher rate than their European counterparts. Here's why.

Broadcast, Digital Media, Finance and Deals, Newspapers

Stagnation not stability: The shrinking print consumer magazine pond

Chris Sutcliffe17th February 2015

The overall print market for consumer magazines is shrinking - but there's relatively little volatility at the top of the food chain.

Consumer Media, Digital Media

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