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Evolution in the workflow: How WGSN brought together two global fashion forecasters

Jasper Jackson26th August 2014

At the start of this month, fashion forecasting and information service WGSN combined its web platform of reports, analysis, research tools and resources for the global fashion business with a similar service called Stylesight it had acquired in November last year on a new website. As WGSN managing director Steve Newbold tells TheMediaBriefing, the contrasting strengths of the two brands provided an opportunity to take another look at how users are guided through its platform.

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FT Antenna and Atlantic Media's This. Old media flipping the mechanics of social

Henry Taylor21st August 2014

Media companies across the board are trying to make sense of the swirrling stream of information on the web by consolidating, curating and explaining. Now, with the the FT’s Antenna and Atlantic Media’s This. we've got the emergence of another approach which aims to make sense of the barrage of messages and social media by emphasising importance over immediacy.

Atlantic Media Company, Financial Times Group, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

Bloomberg head of video: 'We are in a data driven economy, we all need more information'

Jasper Jackson21st August 2014

Bloomberg Media is on a mission to expand its reach and influence and at the core of that project is a focus on online video. We spoke to head of video Paul Marcum about how Bloomberg's video content can reach a wide audience online, that is in turn very attractive to advertisers, without diminishing the impressiveness of its core audience of finance professionals.

Monetising Media, Advertising, B2B Media, Broadcast, Consumer Media, Digital Media

Console publishing: finding new audiences on unusual platforms

Henry Taylor20th August 2014

While the majority of traditional media companies are just starting to get their heads around where audiences are and adjusting distribution channels in response, some digital-only companies are finding new ways to reach their audiences online when those audiences aren’t at a traditional device commonly used for mainstream media consumption.

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Different beasts for a new media: Why BuzzFeed and Vice have less in common than you think

Henry Taylor and Jasper Jackson19th August 2014

On the face of it, BuzzFeed and Vice are two companies with a lot in common. Both get young internet users, both get mobile and social, both rely on the advertising industry, both produce entertainment, and both produce journalism. It’s almost too easy to find examples of people comparing the two – Google “BuzzFeed and Vice” to get started and you can pretty much take your pick. The often-mistaken-but-never-in-doubt Michael Wolff is one of the worst offenders, and even TheMediaBriefing team falls into the trap occasionally. But in reality the comparison between the two publishers should be much more complex than it is.

Vice Media, Vice News, Advertising, Digital Media

DERP: Can publishers learn from social networks teaming up to help academics?

Henry Taylor19th August 2014

Amid the arms race to attract larger audiences and more unique visitors, publishers are fast amassing ever-increasing volumes of audience data. That data is also getting more and more detailed, but academics trying to access this data for research purposes can often find it difficult to do so. How can publishers leverage the audience data they have?

Advertising, Digital Media

What type and how long? Video engagement rates on smartphones

Henry Taylor18th August 2014

How long should certain videos be and is the ad industry keeping pace with where audience's attention spans are? Some new research from mobile advertising company Vdopia suggests there's a bit of a discrepancy between the length of the most successful videos and how much of ad budgets goes on them.

Advertising, Broadcast, Digital Media, Mobile

Bellingcat and The News Hub: two startups that have plans for the future of media

Henry Taylor18th August 2014

Two media startups of note reached important points in their life cycles last Friday. One – The News Hub – transitioned from private beta to public launch, while the other – Bellingcat – achieved its crowdfunding goal on Kickstarter and is safe in the knowledge it can move forward with its plans. Both startups represent a move to do something different from what mainstream media is offering audiences. Here's a brief round-up of what each one is offering.

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As print keeps falling and digital growth stalls, UK magazines still need new ideas

Henry Taylor14th August 2014

If you're looking for evidence of how much trouble the traditional magazine format - in print or digital - is in, you need look no further than the latest set of circulation figures from the ABC.

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How old are you again? UK newspaper age demographics in 4 charts

Henry Taylor14th August 2014

While publishers are striving to keep the more loyal, older audience segments happy, a lot of those in the newspaper industry are vying for younger audiences. That’s in part due to the fact that it’s harder to reach them, making them something of an untapped resource, and also because by definition of being younger they will therefore be the future consumers of media. With that in mind, we decided to look at some of the demographic data from UK national newspapers, to see which generations they're attracting, and in what numbers.

Advertising, Newspapers

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