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What YouTube's Google Preferred content has in common with diamonds

Chris Sutcliffe16th October 2014

When launching its Google Preferred advertising scheme, did YouTube and Google follow the lead of the diamond industry in creating artificial scarcity of content?

Advertising, Broadcast, Digital Media

Contributoria and De Correspondent: New models for sustainable independent journalism?

Chris Sutcliffe16th October 2014

New projects like De Correspondent and Contributoria have the admirable aims of creating truly self-sustaining independent journalism models - but is the start of a trend or just a series of flukes?

Digital Media, Newspapers

NYT mobile director: 'Mobile is no longer a speciality, it needs to be a requirement'

Jasper Jackson16th October 2014

As publishers approach or pass the tipping point where mobile accounts for more than half the people and page views they attract online, it's clear that working practices and structures on both the editorial and commercial sides of media companies have to change radically.

Digital Media, Finance and Deals, Mobile, Newspapers

How the BBC, WSJ and The Times of Israel are reaching new audiences

Jasper Jackson15th October 2014

There are a huge array of channels through which publishers can reach an audience. Speaking at the World Publishing Expo Newsroom Summit this week, the Wall Street Journal, BBC World Service and Israeli publisher RGB Media outlined how they're developing best practice for channels not designed with news in mind.

Broadcast, Digital Media, Newspapers

Knowing what you don't know: The Guardian's open approach to app development

Jasper Jackson14th October 2014

"Saying 'I don’t know' is extraordinarily scary. It fundamentally calls into question why you are paid. But in the world we find ourselves, especially with mobile and tablet, I think it’s the best approach."

Advertising, Mobile, Newspapers

Mobile news reading on the increase - but have publishers got the attention?

Chris Sutcliffe14th October 2014

A study suggests that despite growing mobile readership for mobile news, the level of their attention with that content is relatively low. For publishers looking to push an attention minutes-based ad scheme, that's a potential problem.

Advertising, Digital Media, Mobile

The enemy of my enemy? Reasons for European publishers to work together

Jasper Jackson14th October 2014

Competition between newspapers has historically been fierce, fighting over scoops, readers, sales and advertising revenue as a matter of both pride and commercial success. That competition hasn't dissipated, but the introduction of a new threatening dynamic in the shape of tech giants like Google and Facebook has given publishers a new set of concerns and new reasons to work together.

Changing newsroom culture at the FT, La Stampa, Trinity Mirror and Le Soir

Jasper Jackson13th October 2014

Changing newsroom culture remains one of the thorniest issues for newspapers trying to adapt to the new digital and cultural landscape. At the World Publishing Expo Newsroom Summit in Amsterdam, editors and managers from four European news organisations shared their experiences of dragging editorial practices into the 21st Century.

Digital Media, Newspapers

Now we know who's buying wearables, we need to think about putting news on them

Neil Sharman13th October 2014

New stats from YouGov show six percent of the UK already own wearable tech, and 13 percent will do so by this time next year. As wearables get into the hands (and on to the bodies) of more people, it's time for the news industry to start thinking seriously about how they're going to take advantage.

Mobile, Newspapers

The good, the bad and the ugly of using YouTube personalities to advertise brands

Chris Sutcliffe13th October 2014

A lack of disclosure of sponsored content is bad enough for large publishers, but when brands try to force individual journalists to do the same the damage to the reputation of both is that much greater.

1 to 10 of 1394 results

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