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More products, better treatment: How and why the Financial Times built a digital FT Weekend

Jasper Jackson22nd July 2014

Once you've built a successful digital newspaper subscription business, what's next? The FT's launch of a digital version of FT Weekend earlier this month hints that its answer to the question involves at least some slicing and dicing of what it produces to build new products to sell.

Financial Times Group, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

Extremes of the ad spectrum: Stealth vs high-impact

Henry Taylor21st July 2014

In certain areas of the online ad industry a bifurcation of approaches can be witnessed – two different techniques at opposite ends of the viewability spectrum. One involves blurring the lines between what original and paid-for content looks like, while the other makes it extremely obvious that what you’re looking at is an ad, so much so that you sometimes can’t escape it.

Advertising, Digital Media

IPA Bellwether report: Marketing spend is up, but it won't be the saviour for many publishers

Henry Taylor19th July 2014

We get a lot of advertising reports falling into our laps and recently plenty of them have been reporting the consecutive quarterly success of ad and marketing budgets. The latest IPA Bellewether Report, which looks at marketing budgets in Q2 2014, is no different, and reports those marketing budgets are up for the seventh consecutive quarter and represent the second sharpest upward revision in the survey’s 14-year history.

Advertising, Finance and Deals

This is your competition: 5 digital video pureplayers forging the way

Henry Taylor17th July 2014

Just as mobile was something the publishing industry once talked about before realising it had already happened, video is quickly turning out to be the same. The online video ad model may not be fully formed yet, and the majority of ad revenues may lie elsewhere, but it's a rapidly evolving field that already has companies taking full advantage of its potential. For legacy publishers wondering if they should expand into the online video space – this is your competition.

Vice Media, Advertising, Broadcast, Digital Media, Mobile

Gruner + Jahr Digital MD on mobile ads: 'It creates a consulting situation in daily work'

Jasper Jackson16th July 2014

An intertwined and equally troublesome problem with shifting to mobile is the sheer complexity of delivering ads to the plethora of devices and methods of consuming media that have emerged with tablets and smartphones. As Gruner + Jahr's digital managing director Oliver von Wersch tells TheMediaBriefing, that requires new skills to overcome the challenges of fragmentation and take advantage of the room for more creative approaches to campaigns.

Monetising Media, Advertising, Consumer Media, Digital Media, Mobile

Tech explainer: How parallax scrolling can help keep attention

Henry Taylor15th July 2014

In web design, parallax scrolling is a term used to describe the technique where different parts of a webpage move at different speeds as the user scrolls up or down the page. However, sites likes the NYT’s Snowfall are often touted as successful examples of the parallax effect, but they don’t actually incorporate the effect...

B2B Media, Broadcast, Consumer Media, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

The "Mediata" publishers: Branding through stories, revenue through data

Henry Taylor14th July 2014

It was a few months ago that Rafat Ali, CEO of travel news site Skift, wrote vision for “mediata” – the concept of companies built from the ground up “to take advantage of the organic fusion of media and data.” It’s a model that frees Skift from the tyranny of the ad-driven pageview model causing so many headaches for other publishers, and it appears to be working – the company isn’t yet two years old but Ali says if he wanted to, he could turn a profit by the end of the year. But is it a model anyone else is following?

EMAP, Skift, B2B Media, Digital Media

9 examples of how commercial priorities are messing up media sites' UX

Henry Taylor11th July 2014

More news websites than not rely on the digital advertising model to support their web endeavours. But that seems to have a big impact on the quality of design and UX for many of them. The majority still seem to have a variety of barriers to a clean and easy experience for audiences. Is this really the best way publishers can work out how to generate online revenue while valuing and respecting their audiences' experience online?

Advertising, B2B Media, Broadcast, Consumer Media, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

WaPo CIO on making the most of new technology: 'It's not a science, it's an art'

Jasper Jackson11th July 2014

Washington Post chief information officer Shailesh Prakash has been at the heart of that process for three years. He tells TheMediaBriefing that predicting what, or more importantly when, new technology is going to have an impact on your business is nigh on impossible to get right all the time. But that doesn't mean you can't make sure you ride the wave effectively.

Washington Post CO, Monetising Media, Digital Media, Finance and Deals, Mobile, Newspapers

Informa restructure aims to 'increase operational, customer and market focus'

Henry Taylor10th July 2014

Change is afoot at Informa, which today announced it is changing its operating model and its executive management team to “increase operational, customer and market focus,” according to CEO Stephen Carter.

Informa Plc, B2B Media, Finance and Deals

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