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Newsletter August 26th: Bauer Media and the imminent digital disruption of radio

Chris Sutcliffe26th August 2015

Newsletter for August 26th

Bauer Media's group commercial director Simon Kilby on the imminent digital disruption of radio

Chris Sutcliffe25th August 2015

While, according to RAJAR, 40 percent of radio listening is now done on digital platforms, Bauer is seeing fully 53 percent of listening to its stations done digitally.

Advertising, Broadcast, Devices, Digital Media, Mobile

Why publishers should care about article tagging

Abigail Edge23rd August 2015

Traffic from Facebook to the’s network has consistently climbed to reach almost 40 per cent in July, up from just 10 per cent in March 2012.

Digital Media

How can legacy publishers supplement falling print revenues?

Kevin Anderson21st August 2015

Consumers are rapidly shifting to mobile platforms, but as with any emerging platform, proven monestisation strategies lag consumer adoption. What is the way forward?

Advertising, Digital Media, Mobile

Reinventing scarcity: The opportunity of livestreaming for publishers

Chris Sutcliffe20th August 2015

As digital media consumption continues to grow, bringing ad spend along with it those publishers and broadcasters could be watching live video, once the crown jewel and centrepiece of their monetisation strategy, slip away from their control.

Advertising, Broadcast, Devices, Digital Media, Mobile

Round-up: What are people saying about the new Facebook Notes?

Chris Sutcliffe19th August 2015

Many commentators are explicitly framing the revival of Notes as a challenge to other blogging platforms, primarily Medium.

Digital Media

The Economist's Michael Brunt on refining the journey from consumer to subscriber

Chris Sutcliffe18th August 2015

It's been a time of both huge change and welcome stability at The Economist. Following the sale of its stablemate the Financial Times to Nikkei, the magazine and research group has completed a £469 million sale whose terms enshrine its own editorial and commercial independence.

Monetising Media, Digital Media, Mobile

The ethics of autoplay video on Facebook: To play or not to play?

Abigail Edge17th August 2015

While autoplay may offer benefits in terms of engagement and video views, it poses issues for news outlets publishing stories featuring graphic or upsetting content.

Broadcast, Digital Media, Mobile

2015's five most-read stories about journalism in Europe (so far)

TheMediaBriefing14th August 2015

As the following five articles demonstrate, there's a wealth of exciting experiments taking place on the continent, both in terms of business models and the journalism that supports them.

Advertising, B2B Media, Broadcast, Digital Media, Newspapers

Poland’s Polityka Insight: Part B2B publisher, part think tank

Peter Houston14th August 2015

Polityka Insight's ultimate triumph or failure is less interesting than the evolved approach to B2B publishing that the business illustrates.

B2B Media, Consumer Media, Digital Media

1 to 10 of 1699 results

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