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Contemporary site designs increase page views and information retention

Abigail Edge28th July 2015

There was a time when news sites were designed to mimic the newspaper that had born them, lest we forget, all columns and headers squeezed into the navigation for every real-life section of the print title.

The US and UK TV markets: the differences and why they’re important

Nigel Walley27th July 2015

Late last year, HBO and CBS in the US announced web streaming services that sent the US trade press into paroxysms of ‘cord-cutting’ hyperbole. ‘HBO Go’ and ‘CBS All Access’ were feted as marking ‘the end of TV’.

Broadcast, Devices, Digital Media

What can Nikkei do to make the Financial Times worth the asking price?

Chris Sutcliffe27th July 2015

Even a few days out from the deal, there are many questions remaining about why exactly the price for the FT was so high, and why Nikkei would choose to pay it.

Digital Media, Finance and Deals, Newspapers

That was the week that was: Round-up July 26th

Chris Sutcliffe26th July 2015

Welcome to TheMediaBriefing's round-up of the most important news and analysis from around the world, for the week ending July 5th.

Advertising, B2B Media, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

What DMGT's results tell us about the relative strengths of media and B2B services

Chris Sutcliffe24th July 2015

What are the sectors of DMGT that are generating revenue? And what does that tell us about the wider industry?

Advertising, B2B Media, Digital Media, Finance and Deals, Newspapers

Why "start early" is an important maxim for media innovators

Dr Lucy Küng24th July 2015

The basis of industry competition has changed, strategic assets (production and distribution systems, competencies and expertise) have lost their shine, or even become liabilities.

Medium's Joe Purzycki on measuring engagement: "The click is going away"

Chris Sutcliffe23rd July 2015

While its financial future isn't certain, Purzycki believes Medium will continue to innovate for as long as necessary.

Advertising, Digital Media

How America watches TV: 8 trends to be aware of

Abigail Edge and Damian Radcliffe23rd July 2015

Technology is rapidly changing what TV we watch and how we watch. Here's the lowdown on some key current behaviours.

Broadcast, Devices, Digital Media, Mobile

Lessons from Innovators in Digital News

Dr Lucy Küng22nd July 2015

News organisations are struggling with technology transitions and fearful for their future. Yet a cadre of these institutions – some new, some old – has emerged who are succeeding with digital news. What can we learn from them?

Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

1 to 10 of 1657 results

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