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Going concerns: Future Publishing's 2014 results examined

Chris Sutcliffe24th November 2014

Future Publishing's 2014 results have startling headline figures, including a reduction of over 400 in headcount and a 20 percent reduction in revenue from continued operations. But hidden behind those figures are others that suggests Future's fall might - might - have bottomed out.

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The complexities of measuring newspapers in the digital age

Neil Sharman21st November 2014

Presentations from the Guardian and News UK at the Media Research Group conference in Berlin highlighted just how complex measuring what a newspaper does in the digital age has become.

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PastFT? Editor Lionel Barber on melding Silicon Valley culture with a print legacy

Chris Sutcliffe20th November 2014

Financial Times editor Lionel Barber may be firmly rooted in the newspaper tradition, but it was lessons from Silicon Valley that convinced him the 126-year old publication needed to shift to a digital strategy.

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Quartz and The Economist on what makes a good media business today and tomorrow

Jasper Jackson20th November 2014

TheMediaBriefing talks to the presidents of The Economist and Quartz about what makes a good media business now, how to ensure you're able to adapt to change, and what a strong media business of the future looks like.

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FT Innovate: How can publishers tackle mounting concerns about data privacy?

Chris Sutcliffe19th November 2014

Mounting concerns about data privacy pose a problem for all digital companies, including publishers. But while public opinion may be hardening, new approaches that turn data into a currency controlled by consumers could offer a solution.

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Taylor Swift, Spotify and the changing relationship between creators, publishers and platforms

Chris Sutcliffe18th November 2014

As Taylor Swift pulling out of Spotify demonstrated, only a handful of artists have the clout to buck distribution trends. But as the value of individual creators online grows, the power dynamic between creators, publishers and platforms is changing.

Advertising, Digital Media

The new Streaming Video Alliance and how quality video is big business even for small publishers

Chris Sutcliffe17th November 2014

The Streaming Video Alliance has set out to identify best practice for online video at a time when forecasts show growing digital video ad spend. And results from two media publishers - one large, one small - validate their attempt to do so.

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Geolocation is a huge opportunity for publishers, if they can get permission to use it

Chris Sutcliffe14th November 2014

Geolocation data offers publishers opportunities to target more specific audiences, both in terms of content strategy and distribution methods. But as over 90 percent of US adults feel they have lost control over their private data, is convincing them to release their location a Sisyphean task?

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News doesn't make money at BuzzFeed, but it's all part of the social strategy

Chris Sutcliffe13th November 2014

Speaking at the Festival of Marketing 2014, BuzzFeed Philip Byrne outlined how its approach to news content will help it break out of its existing association with cats.

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Why Instagram isn't (yet) a great platform for news publishers

Chris Sutcliffe12th November 2014

While many social media platforms are courting news publishers (even as they muscle in on their ad revenue), Instagram is aware that its focus on visual content and the structure of its service mean it isn't the best place for most publishers. But that might all start to change as it focusses more and more on video.

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1 to 10 of 1431 results

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