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How small can a B2B niche be and still be profitable?

Peter Houston30th November 2015

Unlike the recruits to Tyler Durden’s Fight Club, B2B niches are beautiful and unique snowflakes.

B2B Media, Digital Media

PPA Customer Direct - 5 key takeaways for publishers

Jason Treloar - Clock Digital Agency27th November 2015

Five key takeaways from the PPA Customer Direct event.

Age of extinction: Now that lads' mags are gone, which other magazine genres could follow?

Chris Sutcliffe26th November 2015

The writing's been on the wall for lads' mags for a while. So what now?

Advertising, Consumer Media

More for less: NRS PADD results show reach isn't all it's cracked up to be for news publishers

Chris Sutcliffe25th November 2015

For the newsbrands who still don't have a coherent mobile strategy, 90 percent reach of the UK public could be worth much less than a much smaller percentage that's comprised mainly of print-only readers.

Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

4 questions about the future of B2B publishing ahead of B2B Media Strategies

Chris Sutcliffe24th November 2015

What questions do we want answered at B2B Media Strategies?

What can daily newspapers learn from Jeff Bezos?

Colin Morrison24th November 2015

Colin Morrison argues that newspapers can learn a lot from Jeff Bezos...

Advertising, Digital Media, Newspapers

3 reasons why Snapchat remains a thorn in Facebook’s side

Jason Mander23rd November 2015

Jason Mander takes a look at Snapchat's growth - and why it poses a problem for Facebook

Digital Media, Mobile

VR in-depth part one: The present and the potential

Chris Sutcliffe20th November 2015

This piece is the first in a three-part series on TheMediaBriefing, looking at how 360 video and virtual reality (VR) are huge opportunities for publishers.

Advertising, Digital Media

Should we be cynical about 'happiness' as a measure of consumer magazine success?

Chris Sutcliffe19th November 2015

It's cynical and easy (and probably right) to dismiss 'happiness' as a relevant metric for publishers. But as a proxy measurement, it tells us something about what success means in the consumer publishing game.

Lessons from Bloomberg Business Asia in moving from global publishing to local specialisation

Chris Sutcliffe18th November 2015

A global approach is the default state for publishers in certain verticals like business information. Its subject matter is inherently international; the companies on which they report are affected by the global economic outlook as much as they are by each other.

Advertising, B2B Media, Digital Media, Mobile

1 to 10 of 1785 results

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