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Canned content: Why Netflix's useful exemption from cultural protection might not last forever

Chris Sutcliffe16th September 2014

Netflix enjoys an advantage over broadcast television when it comes to beating domestic content quotas - but the loopholes are tightening.

Broadcast, Digital Media

Problems, solutions and debate: What our editor is looking forward to most at MoMe

Jasper Jackson16th September 2014

One of the advantages of working for TheMediaBriefing is I not only get to go to our conferences, but I also get to see how they are shaped (and occasionally have some input). The whole programme looks interesting, but there are some presentations and debates that get the media wonk in me especially excited. So here are the sessions I personally am looking forward to the most, and why:

Monetising Media

The glance and the stare: the false bifurcation of news

Chris Sutcliffe15th September 2014

We aren't seeing the splitting of news down to its component particles. We're just seeing the migration of the headline.

Newspaper redesigns hint at new complementary relationship between digital and print

Chris Sutcliffe15th September 2014

With their digital-emulating redesigns the Guardian, FT and Sunday Telegraph are more closely tying their print identities to their online presence.

Digital Media, Newspapers

If you can't beat 'em, charge 'em: How Upsilon Circuit plans to monetise the trolls

Chris Sutcliffe12th September 2014

While it's easy to get caught up in the huge, billion-dollar figures of the Twitch acquisition, publishers would do well to note that the streaming model could potentially allow them to monetise that unique type of audience.

Digital Media

UK magazines and social sharing, how do they stack up?

Chris Sutcliffe11th September 2014

The lacklustre performance of UK magazines' online articles suggests that, as their print audience migrates online, they're finding other online publications more appealing.

Guardian launches events-based paid membership: Partly for money, mostly about love

Jasper Jackson10th September 2014

Guardian News and Media has unveiled the beta version of a tiered membership scheme offering access to discounted paid events and other perks aimed at building a third revenue stream to complement the cover sales and print and digital advertising and tying a core of readers closer to the Guardian brand. Deputy CEO David Pemsel says the required investment, coupled with continued expansion in the US and Australia, is likely to have "an impact on the overall commercial narrative" that has seen the Guardian narrow its losses year-on-year to just under £20 million annually, but membership is expected to to "contribute quite a significant" amount of revenue over the course of a five-year business plan.

Guardian News & Media, Advertising, Digital Media, Newspapers

EMEA mobile ad spend to quintuple by 2017, can publishers take advantage?

Chris Sutcliffe9th September 2014

As smartphone adoption growth accelerates across the Middle East and Africa, it's up to mobile advertisers to find ways to capitalise on the local markets in these regions - or take a hit to their revenue

Advertising, Mobile

The FT on attention minutes: 'We're properly valuing the expensive engagement we create'

Jasper Jackson9th September 2014

When news broke earlier this summer that the Financial Times was experimenting with a new way of selling ads based on a currency of "attention minutes" rather than impressions or clicks, the rest of the industry was intrigued. As FT global director for digital advertising and insight Jon Slade tells TheMediaBriefing, the aim is to tackle one of the fundamental problems with online advertising - the effectively limitless supply of inventory.

Financial Times Group, Monetising Media, Advertising, Newspapers

Netflix's mobile video fix shows how challenging the shift to mobile really is

Chris Sutcliffe8th September 2014

Netflix's biggest problem growing its mobile video performance is that the types of video content that perform best on mobile are less than ten minutes long - but it doesn't have any content like that

Facebook, Netflix, Advertising, Broadcast, Digital Media, Mobile

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