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Expressen's Johan Hedenbro on how effective mobile engagement translates to monetisation

Chris Sutcliffe1st October 2014

What makes a mobile revenue strategy effective? For Expressen's head of mobile Johan Hedenbro it comes down to a mixture of finding the correct form for mobile content and educating advertisers.

Advertising, Mobile, Newspapers

Google, News UK and DigitasLBI on data's role in choosing how to monetise across platforms

Chris Sutcliffe30th September 2014

It's easy to pay lip service to the idea of proper use of analytics. It's harder to properly use analytics effectively - much harder, if the panel at Monetising Media London's Multi-Platform Audience session are anything to go by - and harder still to monetise what you learn from them.

Advertising, Consumer Media, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

Medium's Evan Hansen on how 'total time' can help tackle media's attention deficit problem

James Dutton30th September 2014

New ways of working out whether your audience are actually paying any attention to what you publish are becoming increasingly central to questions about the future of online media, and while much of the recent hype has focussed on the Financial Times's attention minutes, publishing platform Medium is focused on a similarly innovative new approach - "total time reading".

Pearson Professional head of analytics Tom Betts: 'Data keeps you honest'

James Dutton30th September 2014

Placing data at the core of the organisation is the best way of producing sustainable revenue steams, Tom Betts of the Financial Times told Monetising Media today.

Advertising, Consumer Media, Digital Media, Finance and Deals, Mobile, Newspapers

CIO Shailesh Prakash on the Washington Post's tech mantra: anticipate, experiment, review

Chris Sutcliffe30th September 2014

Sheilesh Prakash expounds the Mantra of the Post when it comes to anticipating, experimenting and reviewing content to develop a successful monetising strategy.

Monetising Media, Advertising, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

Why the hype around Ello should be reassuring rather than worrying for publishers

Chris Sutcliffe29th September 2014

News organisations could be forgiven for wondering whether the recent hype around new social site Ello could threaten to upset what has become an increasingly integral distribution channel. But that that's not the lesson publishers should be taking away from the last few days.

Peter Houston's Big Problem: The Magazine Diaries

Peter Houston29th September 2014

Peter Houston's column takes a diversion with a look at some of the key problems voiced by contributors to his Magazine Diaries project.

Consumer Media, Mobile

Sound plan: How Clippet plans to audibly engage a young audience with news

Chris Sutcliffe26th September 2014

Clippet is gambling that short-form audio will appeal to a young audience who want to be engaged with news in a non-traditional way.

How tech DNA in content and business is driving expansion at publishers like Mashable

Jasper Jackson25th September 2014

Pure play digital media publishers have rapidly evolved from startups to sizeable enterprises and many of them are now going global. But underpinning these new media businesses' geographical expansion is a relentless focus on the technological - in how they produce content, what they cover and how they make money.

Advertising, Digital Media

Shared screentime: Why news publishers will be competing with eBooks for an audience

Chris Sutcliffe24th September 2014

As tablet and smartphone adoption rates increase in emerging markets, will news publishers soon be competing for screentime with eBooks?

1 to 10 of 1372 results

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