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Why the platform agnosticism of young audiences is bad news for television companies

Chris Sutcliffe16th December 2014

Younger generations are increasingly blind to the platform on which they consume content, and more concerned with that content itself. For broadcasters with a vested interest in keeping eyeballs glued to linear television screens, that's bad news.

Broadcast, Digital Media, Mobile

Why BBC3's online migration could be the perfect test for the BBC's digital strategy

Chris Sutcliffe16th December 2014

BBC3, the youth-focused channel from the BBC, is soon migrating online despite protests from its audience. But since that audience is already consuming mostly digital content, has the channel actually found its rightful home?

Broadcast, Digital Media, Mobile

Post-nationality: How Quartz's international focus is driving its growth

Chris Sutcliffe15th December 2014

Quartz's international approach to business news might be its greatest strength as emerging markets come online - but can any news site ever really be post-national?

B2B Media, Digital Media, Mobile

5 ‘hypergrowth’ secrets: What media can learn from startup superstars

Garrett Goodman12th December 2014

As more media companies than ever get involved in technology, should the lesson they take from tech startups be in how they achieve growth rather than what sector that growth is in?

Digital Media, Newspapers

Is publishing to third party platforms a viable strategy for media businesses?

Chris Sutcliffe11th December 2014

Publishers are no longer one destination in the open global network of the web, but islands sending out ambassadors to the siloed megacities with millions of people consuming content within their walls.

Digital Media, Mobile

Cost cuts not growth responsible for Times Newspapers' operating profit

Chris Sutcliffe10th December 2014

Last week The Times stressed that its return to operating profit was because of the increase in its digital subscriptions (with a little help from increased cover prices). But is that figure more to do with the ongoing changes to its backroom organisation?

Advertising, Digital Media, Finance and Deals, Newspapers

Guardian CEO: 'The idea we will survive by becoming a technology company is garbage'

Jasper Jackson9th December 2014

The sky-high valuations of new media businesses such as BuzzFeed and Vox are fuelled by the idea that the media company of the future also has to be a tech company. Almost every new digital media business from Mashable to Pierre Omidyar's First Look talks about its technology as much as the journalism that tech underpins. Yet Guardian Media Group CEO Andrew Miller says technology alone isn't going to save the media, and these tech-focussed media companies are going to have a hard time building the infrastructure that makes a strong media business

Advertising, Consumer Media, Digital Media, Newspapers

UK television-owning households down for first time: A sign TV's days of dominance are numbered?

Chris Sutcliffe8th December 2014

Ofcom's latest report demonstrates that less UK households own television sets than did even two years ago. So where are those audience members going, and what does it mean for publishers?

Broadcast, Digital Media, Mobile

Doing the right thing for the right platform: Broadcast media vs digital upstarts on YouTube

Chris Sutcliffe8th December 2014

Legacy broadcasters have, on the face of it, a huge advantage when it comes to creating engaging video content. They have expertise, resources and established talent on their side. So why isn't that success translating when it comes to the largest digital video distribution platform, YouTube?

Broadcast, Digital Media

The gender split in news consumption: A case of discovery?

Chris Sutcliffe5th December 2014

Does the method by which men and women discover news have as much of an impact on the type of content they consume as an intrinsic interest in the topic?

Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

1 to 10 of 1452 results

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