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Shutterstock and the parallel growth of the tech focus in publishing and supply

Chris Sutcliffe28th January 2015

It's one thing for industry trend-spotters to anecdotally state that audio and video content are the Next Big Things for publishers and quite another to actually follow the money and see if that's supported by spending. Even analysis of ad spend is only a roundabout way of chcking those assertions by proxy, since they don't actually measure internal spending by publishers. Instead, to get an accurate picture of content trends it's often helpful to look at the supply side.

General Atlantic VP on new media investment: 'It's because the business models are working'

Jasper Jackson27th January 2015

Over the course of 2014 the spate of high-profile, big money investments in media businesses inevitably led to optimism in some quarters that the sector as a whole - at least the more digital parts of it - might be on the up. According to Zachary Kaplan, vice president at Vox investor General Atlantic, those deals are likely to be followed by more money flowing into the media world as digital business models start to look like they have legs.

The Atlantic COO Bob Cohn on international expansion: 'The danger is not doing it'

Chris Sutcliffe26th January 2015

The Atlantic's COO Bob Cohn describes it as a "small company" in a big world, but as it launches live events across the globe it has a couple of advantages that could help it grow.

Digital Media, Newspapers

What publishers can learn from the vinyl 'comeback'

Chris Sutcliffe26th January 2015

What, if anything, can newspaper and magazine publishers take away from the fact that vinyl sales are as high as they've been in 18 years? And what does it tell us about why consumers buy physical media?

Consumer Media, Digital Media, Newspapers

Explainer: Why publishers should be looking at the WebM video format

Chris Sutcliffe22nd January 2015

At the junction of increased digital video consumption and the revival of the .gif format for use in listicles, the WebM video format offers more than a few reasons for publishers to consider it.

Devices, Digital Media, Mobile

Eastern promise: A roundup of emerging media projects in Eastern Europe

Krystina Shveda21st January 2015

Most of the media innovation we cover is happening in English – it’s a big market that's been more exposed to many of the global digital trends that have so disrupted media. But there are interesting new projects springing up everywhere so in a bid to spread our net a little wider, and take advantage of some temporary local knowledge, we’ve tapped the connections of visiting student Krystina Shveda to take a look at what’s happening in Eastern Europe.

Advertising, Consumer Media, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

Reverse incentives: What will it take to start addressing the ad fraud epidemic?

Chris Sutcliffe20th January 2015

The digital advertising ecosystem is distorted by the sheer amount of ad fraud that takes place, and publishers and advertisers are losing out as a result. Eddie Schwartz is COO of ad fraud detection agency White Ops. In an interview with TheMediaBriefing, he explains what it will take for that amount of ad fraud to start decreasing.

Advertising, B2B Media, Consumer Media, Digital Media

How Buzzfeed leaves no article behind on social media

Krystina Shveda19th January 2015

One area where most traditional media companies are still struggling to keep pace with their newer, more digital counterparts is in taking advantage of social sharing. And just how much they lag behind is shown by our analysis of more than 20,000 articles published over the last week of November last year by eight major publishers, using data from social media tracking service BuzzSumo.

Digital Media, Newspapers

How radio is bucking the downward trend in ad spending on traditional platforms

Chris Sutcliffe16th January 2015

Bauer Media's Simon Kilby is optimistic about 2015's commercial opportunities for radio - and revised ad spending by the Advertising Authority and Warc back that up.

Advertising, Devices, Digital Media

VG chief technology and product officer: The need for product management in media

Espen Sundve15th January 2015

Unless media companies step it up and totally change their view and abilities on product management, they will be eaten by tech and new players. Only those that fully embrace that product management in media is the intersection between journalism, user experience, software, data and analytics will thrive.

Consumer Media, Devices, Digital Media, Mobile

1 to 10 of 1477 results

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