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How will global media consumption and advertising change by 2017?

Damian Radcliffe1st July 2015

The continued rise of online services will have a major impact on traditional media habits and global advertising patterns, a new study from ZenithOptimedia reveals.

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Why journalists should care more about media business models

Daniel Williamson30th June 2015

As more business models emerge, and the number of revenue streams at any one business expands, it has become more important than ever for journalists to care about, understand and influence commercial strategy.

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Will enough people ever be willing to pay for news online?

Chris Sutcliffe29th June 2015

While fewer people are willing to actually pay for digital news in the UK, the value of those that are is significantly higher than in other territories

Newsletter June 29th: Fresh hurt for UK and international print publishers

Chris Sutcliffe29th June 2015

The bad news keeps coming, with News UK chief staffers reportedly facing the axe and the Financial Times facing speculation over the viability of its print product.

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Newsletter June 26th: How crowdfunded news favours non-traditional content & Four key takeaways from the GEN Summit 2015

Chris Sutcliffe26th June 2015

Can news publishers ever make money without advertising? For most of the legacy organisations, that's an unthinkable proposition.

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Breaking away from the usual ad funded topics

Neil Sharman26th June 2015

De Correspondent is led by a belief that news companies can turn a profit without advertising. This might sound like bravado to those British news companies who make no profit despite carrying advertising.

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Four key takeaways from the GEN Summit 2015

Chris Sutcliffe25th June 2015

The GEN Summit in Barcelona was an eclectic event, covering aspects of the media industry as diverse as the future of paywalls, new delivery methods for news and how best to engage with audiences on social media.

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Newsletter June 25th: Circa: Why the "future of journalism" is bigger than one app & are niche news sites safe from Facebook's algorithm changes?

Chris Sutcliffe25th June 2015

While it's certainly sad that Circa's approach to news delivery wasn't enough to see it through, as cooler heads have pointed out, it's very rarely a single innovation that enables 'the future' of any industry to arrive.

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Newsletter 24th June: 10 ways media use has changed since 2005 + Understanding digital attention spans

Damian Radcliffe24th June 2015

Technology has transformed our media habits in less than a decade. How have our behaviours changed? And how should advertisers adapt to this brave new digital world?

The way we were: 10 ways UK media consumption has changed in the last decade

Damian Radcliffe24th June 2015

A new study from Ofcom, the UK Communications Regulator, reminds us just how much media habits have changed in the past decade. Does this pace of change help explain the digital pickle some media companies themselves in?

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1 to 10 of 1604 results

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