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Twitter's Dara Nasr: People don't understand the impact of mobile content

Chris Sutcliffe15th May 2015

Twitter's head of sales for the UK Dara Nasr understands one of the fundamental obstacles facing media companies as they grapple with mobile publishing: Despite mobile devices' omnipresence, most people don't realise how transformative and impactful mobile publishing can be.

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What's in the Secretary of State's inbox? Ten key media issues for new head of DCMS to consider

Damian Radcliffe15th May 2015

With a broad remit covering cultural and artistic heritage, as well as tourism, sport and the creative and telecoms industries, there will be lots of competing demands on the new Minister’s time. Here are the top ten media issues likely to be sitting in the ministerial red box.

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Skift's Rafat Ali on scaling digital media: "Everything becomes generalised"

Chris Sutcliffe12th May 2015

"I think that the expectations that venture has in general, because of the outsized exits and valuations that have happened in the larger tech world...will have deleterious effects on the expectations that VCs have of these companies and what these companies will have to do to meet those expectations."

What we learned from the British Media Awards 2015

Chris Sutcliffe7th May 2015

The entries for the British Media Awards 2015 were the strongest they've been in the awards' history with an unprecedented variety of companies entering, from brand-new start-ups to some of the world's biggest news brands.

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Guardian Labs' Anna Watkins on discovering the right metrics for sponsored content

Chris Sutcliffe6th May 2015

It's still early days for Guardian Labs, and for sponsored content as a whole. As the sector develops it's inevitable - and desirable, even - that how we measure its success should continue to evolve as well.

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Lessons in revenue diversification from the games industry

Chris Sutcliffe1st May 2015

The games industry is broader than simply the triple-A publishers behind billion-dollar launches, and the industry itself is just as susceptible to disruption as any other. What lessons can publishers take away from the big winners in the field?

Devices, Digital Media, Mobile

How long can digital video's star continue to rise?

Chris Sutcliffe28th April 2015

As ad spend continues to increase on digital video, and younger generations aren't convinced by the viability of linear television any more, is there anything considered to be the preserve of traditional television that digital video can't steal away?

Broadcast, Digital Media

Bloomberg Business Europe: Global content on a local level

Chris Sutcliffe28th April 2015

"Our plan with digital media is to broaden that audience from the core financial professional all the way through to a wider business audience, and we believe the best way to do that is through digital."

Advertising, Consumer Media, Digital Media

Google's £107million admission of past mistakes with publishers

Chris Sutcliffe28th April 2015

In a rare act of corporate contrition, Google's Carlo D'Asaro Biondo, president of strategic relationships in Europe, admitted that the search giant had made some missteps in their relationships with news publishers.

Advertising, Digital Media, Newspapers

1 to 10 of 1549 results

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