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Verdens Gang: Tech-driven original content will always trump aggregation

Chris Sutcliffe24th March 2015

VG's Espen Sundve believes that digital success is down to one thing: The successful integration of technology and content creation.

Advertising, Devices, Digital Media, Newspapers

Guardian's Tim Gentry: Pangaea isn't taking on Google, it's launching an entirely new ad space

Chris Sutcliffe23rd March 2015

The value of Pangaea is less about cornering the lion's share of a protected market and more with offering ad partners the ability to buy programmatically across the trusted brands' audience of 110 million worldwide.

Advertising, Digital Media, Finance and Deals, Newspapers

DeAgostini on why superstar consumers might be the saviour of consumer magazines

Chris Sutcliffe20th March 2015

Identifying the members of its audiences who have influence over others and directly embedding them in the editorial process is a novel idea for consumer magazines - but one that has yet to prove successful for De Agostini.

Consumer Media, Digital Media, Mobile

Why legacy publishers should emulate rather than criticise BuzzFeed

Chris Sutcliffe17th March 2015

Yesterday saw the publication of BuzzFeed's Brews' first international interview, between UK deputy editor Jim Waterson and the prime minster David Cameron. Predictably, it was immediately criticised by a legacy publisher.

Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

The wood and the trees: Is 'Millennial' ultimately a meaningless term?

Chris Sutcliffe16th March 2015

Nobody quite knows what a Millennial looks like, then - not even Millennials themselves - because the definition is too broad to mean anything.

Digital Media, Newspapers

Enders Analysis: Five trends reshaping consumer behaviour and advertising

Keila Guimaraes13th March 2015

Enders Analysis' Douglas McCabe on why wearables alone won't be the next big thing in reshaping consumer behaviour

Digital Media Strategies 2015, Broadcast, Devices, Digital Media, Mobile

General Atlantic’s Zachary Kaplan: What makes a media organisation valuable to an investor?

Nicole Chang12th March 2015

“Content is not king. It never has been, and never will be. It’s always been balanced with distribution. Content is not a commodity. Consistently producing high quality journalism is a scarcity, not a commodity. It’s a skill set.”

Digital Media Strategies 2015, Digital Media

Meredith Kopit Levien: Beyond native advertising at The New York Times

Sam Walsh11th March 2015

Whatever the future for branded content at the New York Times, many publishers could learn from what Levien says is one of their favourite phrases: “You can’t do today’s work, with yesterday’s talent.”

Digital Media Strategies 2015, Advertising, Digital Media, Newspapers

"Frictionless migration": How has the Economist stayed ahead of the digital curve?

Sam Walsh11th March 2015

There comes a time with any new technology, whether it be DVDs or digital cameras, where both the old and new technologies exist together. That's a tricky area to navigate, but one The Economist's Paul Rossi feels the magazine is well equipped to traverse.

Digital Media Strategies 2015, Advertising, Consumer Media, Mobile, Newspapers

“Do not waste a good crisis” - how Quartz is embracing uncertainty

Nicole Chang11th March 2015

Quartz's Jay Lauf on the opportunity that comes with every crisis.

Digital Media Strategies 2015, Advertising, Digital Media

1 to 10 of 1526 results

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