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Has UsVsTh3m just shown us how attention-based media could work?

Jasper Jackson17th April 2014 14:30

In a post laying out some "accumulated thoughts on media " this week, GigaOm founder Om Malik suggested that any new model for media must focus on attention. Well it just so happens that at roughly the same time that post was published, on the other side of the Atlantic a British media brand was demonstrating a very clever way of doing exactly what Malik prescribes.

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The print vs digital revenue-split: where does the balance lie?

Henry Taylor17th April 2014 09:00

Digital transition – everyone in the newspaper business is doing it – but how and how fast they are doing it varies massively. Whether it's business models, market conditions or audience profiles, there are a wide range of factors affecting how much of their revenue newspapers currently derive from digital. So, we thought we'd take a look at a selection of high-profile newspapers to see how far along the road they are.

Guardian Media Group, NYT Co, Trinity Mirror, Finance and Deals, Newspapers

Is Time Inc's $1.4 billion of new debt really all about IPC?

Jasper Jackson16th April 2014 08:00

What is IPC worth to its US parent, Time Inc, the newly liberated (cast aside?) publishing division of Time Warner? Last week, Time Warner announced it was taking on $1.4 billion (£837 million) in debt to finance the acquisition of IPC, from Time Warner. But is it really all about IPC or is the subtext all about the lining of shareholder's pockets?

Consumer Media, Finance and Deals

Three GIFS that show the changing face of UK newspapers in the 21st Century

Henry Taylor15th April 2014 08:00

The decline of the UK's newspaper industry is a well-worn tale, and is something we continuously cover. But there's nothing like a few seconds of animation to put things into perspective.

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Media must reads April 14: The best news, analysis and comment to inform your week

Henry Taylor14th April 2014 11:30

The sheer rate that think-pieces and comment articles are published about the media industry means that if you blink, you'll inevitably miss an important insight or piece of analysis. So here's a roundup of some of the best and most informative articles including whether there's a "wonk bubble" and why no one uses the mobile web anymore.

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Spritz and Bild: A new challenge to page-based media?

Jasper Jackson14th April 2014 08:00

This week, Germany's largest newspaper by circulation, Axel Springer-owned Bild, launched the first implementation of the Spritz speed reading service on a news outlet. What will new ways of information delivery do to the page-based ad model that supports newspapers and magazines in print and online?

Axel Springer, Advertising, Consumer Media, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

Telegraph's Jason Seiken at #Shift2014: Heavy on optimism, light on detail

Henry Taylor11th April 2014 08:00

We’re entering a ‘golden age both for audiences, journalists, and advertisers,” according to Telegraph Media Group’s chief content officer and editor-in-chief, Jason Seiken, at Newswork’s Shift event the British Library. The rise of technology and a multitude of different ways to tell stories, and audiences are served on an ever-growing number of screens and platforms is what constitutes this golden age, according to Seiken, so it’s a shame he didn’t explain the Telegraph’s digital ‘culture transformation’ in more detail

Telegraph Media Group, Digital Media, Newspapers

UK Mobile advertising breaks the £1 billion mark: 5 graphs that tell you how

Henry Taylor10th April 2014 08:00

Mobile ad spend doubled in the UK in 2013, breaking the £1 billion mark as it accounts for an ever larger chunk of the UK's total digital advertising which was up 15.2 percent to £6.3 billion, according to the latest figures from the Internet Advertising Bureau. There was also major growth in advertising specifically targeted at tablets, which grew 400 percent, though it still only only amounts to £34.4 million. Here are five graphs that illustrate the state of mobile advertising in the UK in 2013.

Advertising, Mobile

Forbes' Lewis D'Vorkin: 'We believe our payment structure is righteous'

Henry Taylor9th April 2014 10:00

When you pay people by results, which metrics should you use? For Forbes, which has caused a stir with its contributor model, the answer is currently centred around unique visitors and returning visitors. As chief product officer Lewis D’Vorkin told TheMediaBriefing at the Festival of Media Global conference in Rome this week, it's a model that he feels others will follow, but it's not quite as simple as one user, one buck.

Consumer Media, Digital Media

AOL International head Graham Moysey on video, native and programmatic

Henry Taylor9th April 2014 07:00

We caught up with AOL head of international, Graham Moysey, to fire four quick questions at him about how the launch of premium video library AOL On went, and whether he thinks native advertising could ever be delivered programmatically.

AOL, Advertising, Broadcast, Digital Media

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