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FT digital subs up 33 percent as Pearson takes a hit from restructuring

Henry Taylor25th July 2014

The Financial Times continues to grow its digital subscriber base and is providing an upbeat story amid what is an otherwise challenging time for parent company Pearson which is taking a hit from major restructuring. Pearson’s adjusted operating profits fell 45 percent from £137 million in H1 2013 to £75 million in H1 this year, according to the company's latest interim results.

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Three things the Facebook, Apple, and Netflix results tell us about the media landscape

Henry Taylor25th July 2014

It’s Q2 results season right now, and everyone’s focusing on the biggest three – Facebook, Apple, and Netflix. But some of the more interesting details lie further into the financial releases. Here are three quick takeaways – one from each company’s results.

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The rise of 'social shopping' and why it could be a mixed blessing for publishers

Henry Taylor24th July 2014

Publishers have a payment problem. OK, old news – they have several – but one of them involves trying to get people to pay for content online. But does the solution for getting audiences to stump up the cash before reading content lie with publishers, or will it be the tech industry that provides the answer?

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WSJ's David Ho on mobile and beyond: 'We're so caught up in analogue disruption we miss the disruption in digital.'

Jasper Jackson23rd July 2014

Are media companies so caught up in the web and mobile they're about to miss the next big disruptive changes in their industry? In a keynote speech at the News:Rewired conference in London today, Wall Street Journal mobile, tablets and emerging technology editor David Wo urged the audience to look beyond mobile.

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i100 and Project Babb: Two more newspaper spin-offs trying to work out digital

Henry Taylor23rd July 2014

Trinity Mirror’s UsVsTh3m and Ampp3d were some of the first newspaper digital spin-offs that displayed an understanding of the different kinds of content that work on the web, and the different ways people want to consume it. But since their launch, two other UK newspaper brands have gone down a similar route - The Telegraph with Project Babb and The Independent with its newly-launched i100. We caught up with the people driving the projects to see how they're doing.

Telegraph Media Group, The Independent

More products, better treatment: How and why the Financial Times built a digital FT Weekend

Jasper Jackson22nd July 2014

Once you've built a successful digital newspaper subscription business, what's next? The FT's launch of a digital version of FT Weekend earlier this month hints that its answer to the question involves at least some slicing and dicing of what it produces to build new products to sell.

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Extremes of the ad spectrum: Stealth vs high-impact

Henry Taylor21st July 2014

In certain areas of the online ad industry a bifurcation of approaches can be witnessed – two different techniques at opposite ends of the viewability spectrum. One involves blurring the lines between what original and paid-for content looks like, while the other makes it extremely obvious that what you’re looking at is an ad, so much so that you sometimes can’t escape it.

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IPA Bellwether report: Marketing spend is up, but it won't be the saviour for many publishers

Henry Taylor19th July 2014

We get a lot of advertising reports falling into our laps and recently plenty of them have been reporting the consecutive quarterly success of ad and marketing budgets. The latest IPA Bellewether Report, which looks at marketing budgets in Q2 2014, is no different, and reports those marketing budgets are up for the seventh consecutive quarter and represent the second sharpest upward revision in the survey’s 14-year history.

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This is your competition: 5 digital video pureplayers forging the way

Henry Taylor17th July 2014

Just as mobile was something the publishing industry once talked about before realising it had already happened, video is quickly turning out to be the same. The online video ad model may not be fully formed yet, and the majority of ad revenues may lie elsewhere, but it's a rapidly evolving field that already has companies taking full advantage of its potential. For legacy publishers wondering if they should expand into the online video space – this is your competition.

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Gruner + Jahr Digital MD on mobile ads: 'It creates a consulting situation in daily work'

Jasper Jackson16th July 2014

An intertwined and equally troublesome problem with shifting to mobile is the sheer complexity of delivering ads to the plethora of devices and methods of consuming media that have emerged with tablets and smartphones. As Gruner + Jahr's digital managing director Oliver von Wersch tells TheMediaBriefing, that requires new skills to overcome the challenges of fragmentation and take advantage of the room for more creative approaches to campaigns.

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