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Spritz and Bild: A new challenge to page-based media?

Jasper Jackson14th April 2014 08:00

This week, Germany's largest newspaper by circulation, Axel Springer-owned Bild, launched the first implementation of the Spritz speed reading service on a news outlet. What will new ways of information delivery do to the page-based ad model that supports newspapers and magazines in print and online?

Axel Springer, Advertising, Consumer Media, Digital Media, Mobile, Newspapers

Telegraph's Jason Seiken at #Shift2014: Heavy on optimism, light on detail

Henry Taylor11th April 2014 08:00

We’re entering a ‘golden age both for audiences, journalists, and advertisers,” according to Telegraph Media Group’s chief content officer and editor-in-chief, Jason Seiken, at Newswork’s Shift event the British Library. The rise of technology and a multitude of different ways to tell stories, and audiences are served on an ever-growing number of screens and platforms is what constitutes this golden age, according to Seiken, so it’s a shame he didn’t explain the Telegraph’s digital ‘culture transformation’ in more detail

Telegraph Media Group, Digital Media, Newspapers

UK Mobile advertising breaks the £1 billion mark: 5 graphs that tell you how

Henry Taylor10th April 2014 08:00

Mobile ad spend doubled in the UK in 2013, breaking the £1 billion mark as it accounts for an ever larger chunk of the UK's total digital advertising which was up 15.2 percent to £6.3 billion, according to the latest figures from the Internet Advertising Bureau. There was also major growth in advertising specifically targeted at tablets, which grew 400 percent, though it still only only amounts to £34.4 million. Here are five graphs that illustrate the state of mobile advertising in the UK in 2013.

Advertising, Mobile

Forbes' Lewis D'Vorkin: 'We believe our payment structure is righteous'

Henry Taylor9th April 2014 10:00

When you pay people by results, which metrics should you use? For Forbes, which has caused a stir with its contributor model, the answer is currently centred around unique visitors and returning visitors. As chief product officer Lewis D’Vorkin told TheMediaBriefing at the Festival of Media Global conference in Rome this week, it's a model that he feels others will follow, but it's not quite as simple as one user, one buck.

Consumer Media, Digital Media

AOL International head Graham Moysey on video, native and programmatic

Henry Taylor9th April 2014 07:00

We caught up with AOL head of international, Graham Moysey, to fire four quick questions at him about how the launch of premium video library AOL On went, and whether he thinks native advertising could ever be delivered programmatically.

AOL, Advertising, Broadcast, Digital Media

Vox, belly fat and why even the cleverest digital publishers can have trouble with automated ads

Jasper Jackson8th April 2014 15:00

Vox Media has backed up its rhetoric about avoiding a race to the bottom by delivering beautifully designed websites and new innovative ad formats across brands such as The Verge, Polygon and, most recently, the Ezra Klein-led Vox.com. Things however, are never that simple. Yesterday, international readers for Vox.com were presented with the kind of MPU ads closely associated with the very bottom of digital publishing.

Advertising, Digital Media

AOL digital prophet on native advertising and content consumption: 'It's all up for grabs'

Henry Taylor8th April 2014 12:00

Analysing the future of the ever-changing digital landscape can be a tiring job when it comes to predicting what will happen next. We thought we'd give ourselves a break from the crystal ball-gazing and let someone else do the talking for once, so we spoke to AOL's digital prophet about native advertising and content consumption.

AOL, Advertising, Digital Media

GroupM Global president: 'The way ahead for us as a business is to grow sideways as well as vertically'

Henry Taylor8th April 2014 09:30

Three out of ten ads that are seen around the world come from GroupM. That may sound impressive, but is president of GroupM Global Dominic Proctor worried the Publicis Omnicom merger – which puts GroupM on the second tier of the global podium – will blow the competition out of the water?

Group M, Omnicom Group, Publicis Groupe, Advertising, Finance and Deals

Media must reads April 7: The best news, analysis and comment to inform your week

Henry Taylor and Jasper Jackson7th April 2014 11:30

The sheer rate that think-pieces and comment articles are published about the media industry means that if you blink, you'll inevitably miss an important insight or piece of analysis. So here's a roundup of some of the best and most informative articles including Tesco's latest ad tech push, Digital First media's digital problems and a lot of Facebook stats.

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David Worlock: The B2B portfolio power down

David Worlock7th April 2014 08:00

David Worlock looks at the breakup of the big B2B portfolio publishers and asks where they go from here.

B2B Media, Finance and Deals

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