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Neil Thackray, TheMediaBriefing Experts' Blog, B2B Media

This year's list of judges for the British Media Awards is a daunting cadre of the some of the best minds in media today. You have just a few weeks left to get your entry in so here, Neil Thackray, Briefing Media co-founder and chairman of the 2012 BMA Judging Panel, gives his top tips for maximising the your chances of winning.

1) Firstly, if you believe you've done something innovative, new, creative, profitable, progressive or just damn difficult, you should enter. Regular readers of TheMediaBriefing are mostly strategic decision makers in the media world -- we know that you're busy. So you don't need to run around finding a cheque for the entry fee: this year entry is free.

2) Read the question. The entry criteria for the category you are entering are important. Last year several terrific initiatives didn't fully impress the judges because they didn’t fit the category they were entered in or didn't fully fit the brief.

3) When writing your entry, please replace the flannel with evidence. Our judges all sign up to absolute confidentiality, so the more numbers, facts and empirical proof of the success of what you are doing the more likely you are to grab their attention. If you make a claim, back it up with numbers.

4) Tell us a story. We want to know the background, the thinking, the objectives, the process, the execution and the results.

5) The British Media Awards were founded on the premise that our extraordinary challenges in media are addressable by innovation. We are looking for evidence of projects, businesses and people that have found new and better ways of getting things done. Make sure you tell us what is different about what you do.

6). Tell us about the commercial realities of what you did. What happened to revenues and profits? What was the return on the investment? In the individual categories, how did your man/woman contribute? It’s not necessarily about how big the project is, but the judges will want to know that it is delivering success.

Do have a look at the entry categories hereThe closing date for entries is 1 February.

I'm sure you have something extraordinary to share. If you haven’t, then your year ahead might be more challenging than you thought.

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