British Media Award winners 2014

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British Media Award winners 2014

The 2015 British Media Awards take place on the 6th of May. You can find out all about them here.

TheMediaBriefing's British Media Awards took place last tonight, at The Brewery in London, recognising innovation, excellence and success among UK media businesses.

We'd like to say thanks to everyone who entered and turned up, and also to our sponsors for the evening, Bec Development, Sphere by Byte9 and Acxiom.

We would say this, but we think it was a roaring success.

Here's a highlights video from the night, and below you'll find the full list of winners and judges comments.

We'll be uploading more video including interviews with the winners, throughout the day.


Print Product of the Year

Winner: Cyclist Magazine from Dennis

The judges felt that Cyclist magazine had absolutely nailed its audience. It was refreshing to see the production of beautiful print product in a market where a lot of companies were looking at margins and cost control.

Cyclist magazine really feels like it is written 'by cyclists, for cyclists' and the collaboration with commercial partners was so well done that the advertising also felt like valuable content. 

Highly commended: Economia from Progressive Customer Publishing

Progressive managed to produce a business magazine that was clear and accessible to its audience. A prime example of using print for what it is good at.

Media Brand of the Year

Winner: The Guardian from Guardian Media Group

Our judges felt there could be only one winner for this award. In 20 years time the Snowden story and its ramifications will be the single defining moment of this year. The Guardian deserve our award for skilful and brave handling of the story and for how they used it to extend the power and the global influence of their brand.

Highly commended: Procurement Leaders from Sigaria

Whilst The Guardian had to win, our judges also wanted to acknowledge that 'back in the real world' (where media brands have to be commercially successful and stand on their own feet) Procurement Leaders deserved recognition for the extension of their horizontal community network product to be a fast growing global brand. 


Media Company of the Year

Winner: VICE Media

The judges were extremely impressed by the way VICE had successfully engaged with a youth audience through high quality online video content. VICE was a rare example of a commercially robust, fast growing digital media business that operated with integrity and depth. Their commitment to reporting from the frontline of the global news agenda was impressive and they have disproved the myth that digital content needs to be short form or throwaway to be successful.


Commercial Campaign of the Year

Winner: Michelin & BBC Top Gear PDP Partnership from Immediate Media

The judges felt that this campaign was planned and executed to perfection and that the team went the extra mile to bring the Michelin brand to life. The campaign stood out from the sheer breadth of features, which included bespoke video production and a live event, and which capitalised on a well-researched and thorough understanding of the target audience.

Sales Team of the Year 

Winner: Global (Radio)

The judges chose the Global sales team due to the demonstrable business growth driven by the team, as well as an excellently thought-through sales strategy. The team incorporated a mix of disciplines, laid out genuinely useful and effective KPIs, and maintained a high focus on innovative methods, which succeeded in translating into commercial success.


Content Team of the Year

Winner: IDG UK 

The judges were impressed with how the teams at IDG had pooled resources to create a shared resource of 'unashamedly nerdy' editorial staff to compete in a crowded and competitive market. 

The changes led to a strengthened relationship with audiences and a significant increase in the titles' reach and impact, all achieved with the same editorial resources and cost base. 

Highly Commended: Metro 

The judges felt Metro had taken an important and brave step in recognising the need to move beyond the print edition and become a real-time publication. 

The development of an industry-first responsive framework coupled with a sharp focus on using metrics to guide development has helped Metro deliver increased reach and engagement online and laid the foundations for a broader relationship with their audience.


Editorial Campaign of the year

Winner: Nursing Times for the Speak out Safely campaign

The judges described this campaign as a clear example of a trade publication carrying out an effective campaign that both addressed a core issue for its audience and had wider implications outside the industry it covers. 

They were impressed with the comprehensive way in which the campaign was conducted both through Nursing Times' own channels and third party media, raising the publications' profile significantly. They were also particularly impressed with the campaigns success in getting 65 NHS trusts and 11 clinical commissioning groups to sign up to the campaign and its contribution to having a statutory duty of candour across the NHS. 

Highly Commended: Prospect for Poverty in the UK: Can it be eradicated?

The judges were impressed with how Prospect took the campaign beyond its core product into popular live events with star names, and the way in which the campaign also contributed to the publication's commercial success. 

They said Prospect has shown you can make subscription revenue gains from a powerful editorial campaign. 


Marketing Team of the Year

Winner: News UK

The judges praised the way News UK has undergone industry transformation, shifting its model from distribution to membership. In particular they said they were impressed how News UK push the boundaries with a sophisticated approach to marketing. This has led to a bold change across the business.


Launch of the Year

Winner: UsVsTh3m from Trinity Mirror

The judges praised the impact of a very small team on a large company, in particular the way they have managed to attract new audiences in an agile way. Creating a start up department that does well in an established organisation isn't easy, and UsVsTh3m have done the job exceedingly well. They have built a compelling business case for a new market of monetised digital experiments within a traditional publisher.


Advertising Technology Provider of the Year

Winner: Google

The judges described Google as delivering an impressive upgrade to a market leading product, which has significantly enhanced the offering to publishers, allowing effective revenue optimisation and new revenue opportunities through ad exchange.

Highly Commended: Local Stars

The judges were very impressed with Local Stars, which in its niche has delivered incredible value for its customers (Johnston Press) but hasn’t yet proven itself in a wider market. 

Product Technology Provider of the Year

Winner:  Scout Analytics

The judges praised the fact that Scout Analytics hits the heart of publishers' current needs of retaining and gaining customers, and is an innovative platform with an easy to use interface that delivers actionable insights to increase ROI for publishers.


Digital Product of the Year

Winner:  Auto Trader

The judges were highly impressed with Auto Trader's mobile-first forensic examination of the whole customer journey, in particularl the way they have shifted consumer perception from a magazine to digital and have shifted and relaunched the company: "Amazing improvement in an already great product. A true disrupter," said one judge.


Product Team of the Year

Winner: Dennis

The judges praised Dennis' "thirst to experiment in digital publishing", in particular "A coherent and agreed strategy that feeds through to research to user experience". "Innovation and the user are at the heart of what they do". They said the product team are genuinely changing the business, not just creating products.

Event of the Year

Winner: Dods - Future of Health

The judges were impressed with a very relevant and innovative way of using event activity to draw together and connect multiple parts of the care ecosystem. They said Dods addressed a real need and they were particularly impressed by the disruptive nature of the 'People's panel' where long-term condition patients were holding speakers to account. 

"Attracting 30 commercial partners in year one is a great feat and keeping a low barrier for entry with a low attendee price supports the core objectives of the event and proves the sustainability of the event format."

Rising Star Award

Winner: Chetan Patel - Telegraph Media Group

Firstly the judges wanted there to be a comment on how high the quality of entries were in this category and how interesting the breadth of talent was. Therefore they also have a highly commended.

Chetan is described by the judges as a true digital native – an evangelist and a real asset in a traditional print organisation. He has demonstrated true potential through high performance. He developed an expertise and became a spokesperson for how to get things done in a digital world, gaining the acceptance of the senior world of agencies. He has demonstrated how great use of technology can deliver commercial return. 

Highly commended: Alex Giacon, Yahoo!

The judges describe Alex as a great quality, innovative, left-field thinker. "His level of exhibition is really high, he's a natural with social media." A great ambassador for his company creating fantastic campaigns under highly stressful conditions and deadlines.


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