The week in Adtech: SpotXchange's SkipIt, Jemm's mobile push, Yahoo's stat attack

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Online advertising technology is a fast-paced world, with new developments almost every day. In a new weekly feature we roundup and analyse the key movements that you need to know about.

Don't like that video ad? SpotXchange lets you SkipIt

Web users don't have much of an attention span - so why waste their time and yours? Real-time video ad network SpotXchange has launched SkipIt, which for a fee lets users skip past annoying video ads.

YouTube and others have been using similar "click here to skip this ad" for some time. But this is different: SkipIt users load their account with credit and pay $0.10 (about £0.06) to skip a video ad. More "skips" can be earned by inviting friends to join. SpotXchange claims that more than 20 million daily skips will be served at launch, reaching 100 million people a month.

The theory is that when people only see the video ads they want to see, therefore increasing engagement. Here's the ad:


Jemm goes mobile in real-time

Real-time network Jemm Group has launched its mobile network, following its acquisition of American app development startup OnQueue. It's the behaviourally targeted approach Jemm deploys online but specifically for mobile and tablets.

In a similar vein, New York's mobile direct response agency Clash Media is to licence StrikeAd's real-time bidding platform (release)

Yahoo's Right Media exchange and stat attack

Yahoo's Right Media Exchange (RMX), the granddaddy of ad exchanges still with a dominant position, is leading a push to be more open and transparent, reports AdExchanger. Execs speaking at the RightMedia forum is San Francisco said that the platform now runs 11 million impressions per day, and has 300,000 buyers and sellers, runs 90 global markets and has an average of 3,000 bids per auction.

Also, RMX will now adhere to the OpenRTB standards - a set of protocols designed to set standard practices in RTB.

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